Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pickled Cabbage & Peppers ~ Home Canning Recipe...

This is a recipe from "The Joy of Pickling"...
Use it in place of Sauerkraut at your house. 
You can serve it hot, or cold.

~Pickled Cabbage & Peppers~

2 lbs. Cabbage - cored & shredded
5 C. Bell Peppers - chopped small
1/4 C. Pickling Salt
1 C. Sugar
1 1/2 C. Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 tsp. Red Pepper Flakes
2 tsp. Yellow Mustard Seeds
2 tsp. Brown Mustard Seeds
6 Cloves Garlic - minced small

1. In a large 'non-reactive' bowl (don't ever use aluminum!) - toss the cabbage & peppers with the salt.
Cover and let them sit for about 12 hours to sweat the moisture out.

2. In a 'non-reactive' saucepan, combine the sugar and vinegar. Bring to a boil.

3. Rinse the salt off of the cabbage and peppers and drain really well. (I put a piece of plastic wrap over the top and push down hard to shove the excess moisture out through the strainer...) 

4. Toss the cabbage & peppers with the pepper flakes, mustard seeds and minced garlic.

5. Pack 4 Pint Jars tightly with the cabbage / pepper mix and ladle the hot brine over the mixture giving time for it to settle. Leaving 1/2" headspace.

6. Run a non-metallic object down the inside of the jars to let air bubbles escape, wipe rims clean and seal jars with hot lids and rings.

7. Process the jars in a boiling water bath for 20 minutes. 

    ~ Please adjust your processing time to your altitude!~


  1. what would you eat this on?

  2. This looks good! I'm researching ways to preserve cabbage and came across your recipe.
    Have you ever canned it with onions and perhaps, carrots? I wonder how that would be???


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