Monday, October 24, 2016

I would like to introduce you to, "Jack"...

Meet "Jack -in - the - Box"...
I call him "Jax"...
He's an older Tennessee Walking Horse about 17 years young.
He came to live with us on Saturday. He needed a home... 
Life changes and things un-forseen forced a change of ownership for this special horse. 

When we arrived at the location he was being stabled, he was standing with his head out of a plywood  box. He was very curious what was going on and looking right at me and the hubby. I knew it was him the second we pulled in, even though he was in a dark shadow and only his crooked blaze on his nose could be seen very well... I walked over to talk to the stable owner, my hubby walked over to Jack.  He had apples in his pockets and pulled out an apple and his pocket knife, cutting a piece of apple for Jack and a piece of apple for himself, talking about what a wonderful life Jack was going to have...

Jack is a city horse - 
We are very rural -
Jack is used to the confinement of city life and tiny city stable areas. 
We have wide open spaces with plenty of room to roam, large corral's and huge pasture areas.
I'm not sure Jack has ever experienced wide open spaces before...

I don't think he's ever even had his own manger. He didn't act like he knew how to eat out of it and just stood by it puzzled, looking around...

Jack is a Tennessee Walking Horse that desperately needed a home because his owner had moved.
Life changes and unforseen's had taken a turn and this sweet horse really needed a new place to be.

We could tell he was loved, because he is so darn sweet~
And he has shoes on his feet, although they're in need of a trim and to be re-shod.
(The farrier will be here in the morning)

Jack is the type of horse that just stands quietly, but he's busy with his mouth. He tastes everything.
And, it's very cute... 
If he has his head buried in your shoulders getting a hug, he's lipping your cheek with his big old lips.. He's an excellent kisser and he kisses all day...!

He has a very busy mind and he's a lot of fun to play with.

Until he's reshod tomorrow, he won't be ridden, but we played around and fitted my gear to his cute black self in preparation for our first ride...

He stood calmly and quietly while the hubby rigged up one of my saddles and some tack just for Jack's unique shape and for his best comfort...
He stood quietly and calmly through the whole event and ate a few carrots and apple slices as a reward. 

Jack has the kindest eye I have ever seen on a horse. And never has his nose been stiff, or puckered. Even when he was introduced to my white horse Little Ray, he horsed around and showed Ray he could hold his own, but he never tensed that nose, or got aggressive. He would let out a war cry to Raymond and then walk over to me and get some affection. I do think he was telling Ray that there was a new horse in town and his new Momma loved him~!
We named this sweet fellow "Jack-in-the-box" after my Grandpa Jack. We always called him Happy Jack, or Smiling Jack because he always smiled. I don't think my Grandpa ever had a bad day, even when he was having a bad day and this horse has the same positive attitude. The hubby added "in the box" after Jack's name because we received him from a tiny box stable made out of plywood. He is kind of like a Christmas present that came early.

 Jack was on the precipice of a great new beginning, or a really bad ending when we discovered him. We're happy he is here for his new beginning and that we are able to give him what he needs. He's very, very light weight and has little muscle tone, but that will change with some groceries and some exercise. He'll get a much needed trim and his new shoes tomorrow. 

We'll get Jax up to weight and energetic- It's just what happens here.
I have fallen in love with this black horse named Jack. 
This time, I think the horse may have fallen in love with me too...



  1. I am so touched by your story. Jack is one lucky horse to be found by you. Would love if you would post updates about him. :)

    1. I'll definitely post updates. This is a really sweet horse. I'm so grateful he's here with me. And, believe it, or not - this is one of those horses that show's he's grateful too. He's quiet and calm and sweet. He's just a joy to be around. I feel so blessed that he found me.

  2. Oh! Jack is such a handsome guy!!! I am soooo glad that he has found a great new beginning. Sounds like you & Jack will be quite the 'item' in the future! Yes, please do keep us all updated on his progress. ;-)
    ~ Linda K

    1. Definitely~!
      I think I've already traded in the hubby on this sweet fellow. This one has just stolen my heart from first sight...
      Lots of updates coming up, I'm sure of it. There are lots of adventures awaiting with this sweet horse...

  3. That was a sweet story. I'm sure Jack is happy to have found you too! :)



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