Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Vintage 'Pamona' floor tile...

In our treasure hunting we found a little gold...

Spanish Gold that is -
Vintage, Spanish gold 'Pamona' floor tiles. And, not just a couple - we acquired 76 of them and they're nearly 10" square.

They're big and heavy and thick and old. And, they match the kitchen - in fact, they match the whole house. It was hard to narrow down where we wanted to use them. At first, we discussed using them in the living room. We could incorporate some into the entryway, the fire place area and the landing for the upstairs. Or, we could use them in the 'soon-to-be' office addition, or the mud-room add on.

We brought a stack in and laid them all over the house trying to establish the best use and we settled on the kitchen and back porch.

Not too long ago I asked the 'Man-Child' about doing the kitchen floor something like this. Not linoleum, but a stone tile. He thought I was out of my mind, but I wasn't...

Link to blog for photo credit: HVÍTUR LAKKRÍS

For some reason, I adore this look. It has an old farmhouse, vintage appeal I'm looking for that nobody around here has...

I discounted the 'Man-Child's' eye-rolling and kept an open mind...

And then, like the clouds opened up and the sun shine shone through, these beautiful, vintage floor tiles called me to them. I mean, right to them... We stopped at a thrift store to check the curtain section for my niece (who needs curtains) and I walked right to 2 bins full of these beauties. And, I got really excited. So excited in fact that I made the 'Man-Child' go inside to fetch a basket. I didn't want to leave my treasure unattended and out of my possession. It's not everyday you find such a treasure. A treasure that's marked $0.50 a piece anyway. Ya, 'Fifty-Cents' each. $38.00 for a good quantity of beautiful old tile. It was a beautiful, "golden" day on Saturday...

On Sunday, we continued to play around them and a pattern that might look rich and old in the kitchen. For now, we have settled on a diamond type of pattern, with the gold tile inset evenly across the kitchen and a path of vintage tile from the kitchen to the back door. We'll also have enough left over to do a back splash above the sink and cupboards. 

We brought home a few travertine samples from a tile showroom that were on clearance and I think these are the shades we'll use. This color pulls in the old vintage tile colors, the white enamelware colors from the old wedgewood stove and the enamelware collection about the kitchen and also helps tie it in with the kitchen counter tops that are in excellent condition. The travertine will start in the mud room - flow through the kitchen with the vintage pamona tiles worked into it and then, continue through to the back door, replacing all the current tile, linoleum and various shades of carpets scattered everywhere in this old farm-house.

My only question now is whether to use straight edge travertine at $1.66 sq.ft, or find some tumbled stone somewhere up North (which will mean a trip to the City)... I think we'll probably use 16", or 18" travertine squares and the awesome part of using this stone tile is that the stuff imported from Turkey is the same thickness as the old pamona tiles (very thick!). So, there won't need to be any deviation in the sub-flooring.

It's going to look beautiful and timeless in our kitchen and hopefully, like it has always been in here.

 I can't wait to get rid of all these different kinds of old flooring~!
(And good things come to those with patience...)



  1. Jen - What a fantastic find! Can't wait to see the finished project.


    1. I still can't believe I found it here. I'm always shocked at what pops up into my radar - lol
      The 'Man-Child' thought I was crazy, because it's a spanish gold color until we got it home and then he lighted right up with the possibility.
      Maybe in the Spring... Not sure I want to try and tackle tile with the mutts running in and out and it being so muddy and snowy. But, one never knows what we might do next~!
      Thanks for the visit. Keep your fingers crossed for me - that it won't take 4 more years to get it finished.
      Have a Wonderful Evening~!


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