Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Anthropologie Inspired 'Trinket & Treasure' Candlestick's...

I came across a posting on Pinterest of Antropologie's Trinket & Treasure Candlestick. I fell in love with the concept, but not the price. I decided to create my own candlestick's using the same idea, but with a bunch of random thrift store junk and they turned out X-TRA AWESOME~!

I got lucky when I stopped into our local thrift store and they had a bunch of random candelabra and lamp parts and they all unscrewed and reconnected. I found a metal candlestick for one base and an old lamp I cannibalized for another base. I grabbed a few vases, some glassware, some wooden parts and pieces, some ceramic napkin rings (which I didn't need after all...) And, a little Italian teacup set and an angel with a damaged wing.

I'm not going to lie - it took me 4 hours just to figure out how to make them all fit together. I tried multiple, multiple fittings and finally, after 4 hours, settled on the configurations I liked and glued them all together.

I used E6000 industrial glue to glue the totems together (you can find E6000 glue in the craft section at Walmart - it's only a couple dollars...) And, I let the glue dry all night before I moved onto the next step...

I'm a perfectionist, you see... 
Some people might have stopped here, sat back and grinned. I couldn't take all the different colors though - I knew I had to repaint them. With all of the different kinds of materials i.e.; metal, glass, wood, ceramic, plastic, etc. - I figured a good thick coat of Gesso would give me a nice primed surface. I used 'Liquitex' Gesso and painted on a couple coats for good coverage.

I left my teacup set and the broken winged angle un-primed. I decided not to paint them the same colors as the rest. At this stage, they looked like turned wood candlestick holders. I could have slapped on a coat of chalk paint and some antiquing wax and they would have been lovely, for sure.

But, I decided I needed to paint them a copper verdigris and it was a great idea~! 

I painted the bases a charcoal color and then sponged on a metallic copper acrylic paint. Then, I just used some acrylic folkart brand paints to add all of the other layered colors. I used a real sea sponge to add the layers of paint. 

When I got the base colors the way I wanted them, I dabbed on various colors and then dipped my paint brush in water and dabbed the paint dabs with the watery paint brush to make the colors drip. It was a mess, but fun and what a great effect... When all of the verdigris layers were dry I went back over all of the candlesticks with some antique copper paint and highlighted and shaded. Then, I went over the copper parts with a dry brush of a bright copper paint.

 I waited for everything to dry overnight and then I sealed them with clear Fiddes & Sons wax polish. I buffed them gently, as not to remove any paint. I was pleasantly surprised though at how great the gesso primer worked. Nothing rubbed off. Not even off the ceramic, or glass pieces. The clear wax buffed all the colors together softly and really made a great effect on the bright copper. 

When all of the candlesticks were finished and waxed, I used a soft cloth dipped in some cornstarch and lightly buffed all of the candlestick pieces, just to give it a real copper verdigris feel. 

They turned out FANTASTIC~! 

To add to the art appeal, I used some cheap dollar store emergency candles, because they drip like crazy. I love drippy candles, they add a great romantic quality to any candlesticks, or candelabra's...

There was a chip in the teacup, I just painted it also, to look like copper and I done the same on the broken part of the angels wings. They look like they're made out of copper now.

 The back of the angel reads:

"May I move through this day with purpose.
May my sun shine on someone and make a difference.
May I share one thing, learn one thing and embrace this gift of another day."

How do you like my Anthropologie inspired 'Trinket & Treasure' Candlestick's?

This was a pretty neat DIY for about $25...

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  1. Amazing! They would all look just beautiful but when you add the angel in the mix, it really puts it over the top! WOW! You really do have vision my friend. You always inspire me! Enjoy your week. Hugs, Diane

    1. Hi Diane - Thanks for the visit...
      These were a fun project to make. Cheap too, considering and a nice reuse of some old junk.
      I look forward to some more beautiful pics to inspire me from you blog in the future - I love seeing that it's warm somewhere and doesn't look like Antarctica.
      Much love -

  2. They turned out seriously awesome! Love how you painted it all up.

  3. Jen, I love the colors. They look terrific. Good job. Having the different texture and colors of the angel and tea cup really works. Sylvia D.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sylvia - thank you for your kind comments.

  4. Normally, I hate the cheap candles, but I guess in this case they served their purpose.

    You did an awesome job on all of your candlesticks.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

    1. You know, the cheap candles are the only ones I can find that drip - lol
      And, at the dollar store, the emergency candles come in a package of 5. I'm cheap too - - -
      Thanks for the visit...

  5. Good Afternoon Jen, Well I have to tell you 'May the sun shine on someone and make a difference' applied to me today. I could not believe how the candlesticks started life, all the different bits and pieces which you put together, to make something so original. I really, really love what you have done.
    You are a very talented and creative lady.
    Best Wishes to you.

    1. Hi Daphne -
      That little saying on the back of the angel is perfect. And, it adds so much to the whole grouping. This was a crazy project that just turned out fantastic. And, they were fun to make.
      Thanks for stopping by - - -
      Have a Beautiful Day today~!

  6. These are FANTASTIC!!! You did a great job ~ I especially like the copper verdigris faux finish ~

  7. Beautiful works of art! What a great imagination you have. Thanks for linking them up at Talk of the Town.

  8. You amaze me Jen. I would never have been able to figure this out from all of those odds and ends. Love how they turned out! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. You did a terrific job -- creative and utilitarian. Firstly, I'm astonished that you scooped all the necessary items basically in one location. Next, you created lovely arrangements and added color to resemble verdigris. I'm impressed. I saw your link at the Talk of the Town party.

  10. Such interesting creations Jen! I love putting bits and pieces together, and you are the master of that!
    Happy to know the tip about the $$ store candles... didn't know they were drippy. ;)

    thanks for linking up to Talk of The Town!



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