Sunday, August 9, 2015

Finally, an old kitchen table...

Last month I was going to show you my new/old kitchen table I finally found. Then, I got busy and didn't get the blog post written...

I'm finally catching up~!

I have been searching for a few years for a vintage, or antique trestle table that would work with our nook bench set. I hated the table that went to this set. If you bumped it, it would tip toward you and to try and use a sewing machine on it was futile. If you weren't careful, the sewing machine would end up in your lap. Finding an antique, or vintage table to work in this kitchen was like finding a needle in a hay stack.

But, I found the needle (table)!

 I was dinging around a facebook yardsale page of a town about an hour from me and there was a vintage oak dining room set with the perfect table for my kitchen~!

I had to take the table and the chairs, she wouldn't split the set. So, I put the vintage chairs with our old table and sold them on our facebook yardsale page a few days later to recoup some of my cost.

 Our old nook table didn't match the chairs perfect, but it was close enough to advertise as a solid oak set and the set sold quickly. The little chairs were cute, but not really my style, so I didn't want to keep them.

The lady who owned it prior to me said she thinks the set was from England, but I am clueless.
It doesn't matter to me where it came from. What matters is that it looks so perfect in our kitchen.

I'm thrilled to have an old kitchen table...
Now, if I could just find 3, old, oxblood bar-stools, my kitchen would be complete~



  1. Have really missed you posting! Your table is so awesome and looks perfect with your bench! Glad you are back!

  2. Well I have the 2 Oxblood stools here if you ever come this way. They never get used...
    Luv ya..


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