Friday, October 17, 2014

I finally finished the back porch ~ for now...

The ceiling needed a paint job.

The trim needed touched up.

The old 'heatilator' needed something - anything - done to it to make it more appealing and well, it took me a few days, but we're there. 

We're were we are at for now... 

It's structurally very sound, but gosh, it was a cosmetic failure when I first moved in.

Remember the beginning of this redo here:

We have come a long ways baby~!

Someday, the huge cradenza will be in the room we'll build on just to make her shine...
And, someday, maybe there will be something different on the walls back here...

Someday, maybe I'll just redo the whole room again? 
But, until then... 

I'm good with this.

In fact, I'm thrilled with it~!
(And, I found a place for the vintage flokati rug I acquired a few months ago...)

It sure beats what I started with and I am grateful.
 I think this little room has stolen over a month of my life, so I better be good with it, right?


What's a few more days in my world to actually finish it.

It was kind of intense doing this ceiling. 
It's a tile kind of stuff and well...

After dropping the metal 'heatilator' cover on my right foot because I mis-judged its weight, well ~ it didn't slow me down much, but it reminded me to slow down enough to pay attention on the ladder all week~!

All of the metal on the back porch was painted with the same color as the ceiling, but I mixed in some "My Savvy Sister Chalk Paint Dust"" so I wouldn't have to prime the metal. 
It worked wonderful. I love that stuff~!

The ceiling was a slow process -

It's some kind of a tile type of stuff like the bathroom. I have to go along the cracks with a paint brush first, because using a thick pile roller gives the ceiling a terrible texture. 

It's been forever and a few years since this was painted.

In fact, it's been so long that the attic entry has never been painted.

But, its done and it looks so much better~!

I used the same color as the kitchen trim color and the same color that I used to touch up the antique telegraph door between the kitchen and back porch...

 Everything flows well from the kitchen back here.

My last great feat was replacing the curtain rod on the back door with 7, old, vintage, brass hooks chalk painted and antiqued to hang the little sheer curtain back up.

I say it was a great feat because the only screw that fit those old hooks are 'regular' head screws and they're tiny. Finding a screw driver to work was an obstacle and hand tightening 14 small, regular screws was a challenge.

But, I LOVE how it turned out~!

I love the tab top curtain hanging from the hooks, versus a cheap curtain rod.

Yay for cheap, cosmetic fixes and lots of imagination~!

And yay for freshly painted roofs~~~
(Ha~ inside joke, he, he) 

And hey, I got the back of my bedroom door finished with the "winter scene"...

And, actually found a place for an old wrought iron coat rack I had floating around here.
It received a new paint job with the chalk paint and got antiqued too -
I actually have a place - out of sight for jackets now ~ woop!

Happy to be through with this project...
(For now - he, he)

But, I HATE the fluorescent light, so someone give me an idea please~~~


  1. I have the same ceiling tile in 2 of my bedrooms. :) I love how you put the curtain up. Will store that in my memory for possible future idea! It all looks great!


    1. If you use the hooks, don't buy any~!
      I got about a 'bazillion' out of that home demo project we did. Every door, every wall and every closet were loaded with old, brass hooks. I'll send you a care package. The little suckers are expensive nowadays...

  2. You and your painting the ~~ROOF~~~.. As we all know it's a ~~Ceiling~1..
    Love it. Ill get back to you on the fluorescent light...


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