Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Peek at my Week ~ 10-4 through 10-11...

Come on in & take a "Peek at my Week"...

The 'Man-Child' helped me make a scarecrow on Tuesday -
It kind of looks like him, huh?

When we finished and walked out to the road to view our newest creation, he confessed to me that in his 55 years - he had never made a scarecrow... 
We're going to have to make this a yearly thing~!

He went with me to town - to the thrift store - looking for a pair of overalls - we had no luck. 
We did find the old, straw, cowboy hat though. I used a pillow case and a big beach ball for his head. The 'Man-Child' made the suspenders out of baling twine and helped with the logistics of keeping his pumpkin 'butt-cheeks' elevated.

Our little Grandson named him "Happy" ~ because his face is "Happy" he said. 
He has never seen a "Scared - Toe" before, he told me. 
3 year olds are so much fun~!

(A 'Scared-toe' ~ ha, ha, ha...)

He does look  pretty "Happy" from the road...

The 'Man-Child' is an excellent 'Scared-toe' maker~!

Oliver is still lonely, which is understandable ~ darn it...

He has the chickens as his new play-mates~
When I go over in the morning, to do chores, I pickup Oliver and carry him across the highway with me. If I don't he sneaks over which scares me with the traffic!

Oliver plays 'sneak up on the chickens' and 'pounce at them' while I feed and water everything. 
He hasn't hurt any chickens. He just seems to enjoy making them squack and flap their wings when they catch him...

I walk him back across the highway with me and he'll find a warm place to lay in the sun.

He watched me plant 240 tulip bulbs from this warm, cement flower pot...

When Journey came to play, Oliver (the kitty) was so excited.

Oliver didn't leave Journey's side except to climb the big elm tree and try to get a bird.

Journey decided he needed to climb the tree, to retrieve Oliver.

I was quite impressed with how high he made it, considering he's 3...

Look "Pama" - I'm in the tree~!

I loved his exit ~ 
He just turned around and JUMPED~!

Thank Heavens Charlie is back to himself and fully recovered from his ordeal.

He's back to loving having his picture taken, even if he has hay all over his head...

I turned around from feeding the chickens this morning and Charlie had his head laying on the pipe panel, his eyes closed, enjoying the Autumn sunshine. 

Who could resist a pic like this...

I'm hoping I have a few lambs coming soon. I have a few momma's that are getting big and heavy with babies. Over Thanksgiving, we're going to go to the coast and get a few more registered St. Croix sheep from a ranch in Oregon and a new ram. Bruce had to go to the auction because his attitude was pissy. He was getting scary about ram'ing into everybody and everything - dangerous, so he's been relocated.

I have never seen the ocean, so I am so excited about the trip coming up~~~

I hope everybody has a great week~!!!

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  1. I seriously can't get enough pictures of Charlie! His personality just shines through! ha.



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