Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The July Veggie Garden Update...

Step inside my garden gate...

We have been receiving a good portion of monsoon rain the last few weeks.
My garden has just popped out of control with the moisture. At one point, here in central Utah, we were at 90% humidity. Oh my... I'm not used to that. With this long, long hair, I was a sticky mess~!

It's raining on me~!

(The mountains are hiding amid a monstrous cloud of moisture...)
I need to take you up the 'upper path' in the garden to show you something fabulous.

I need to show you my, "Naked Lady"...

The "Naked Lady Lilly" that came up out of nowhere. 
I did plant some Lilly bulbs from our demo project last October, along with all the roses I transplanted. 
The "Belladonna" bulbs must have been in the mix of things that went in the ground to surprise me?

I have a few more that have sprung in a flower planter by the patio also...
I seem to have "Naked Ladies" popping up everywhere this summer ~

I told you I had "Naked Ladies" in my gardens...

All of the 'row' crops are doing marvelous with this moisture, in fact, I'm having a hard time keeping up with the harvest and the green bell peppers grew so big that they pulled some of my plants over ~ yikes!

The pumpkins and squash are starting to reach the 'out of control' size...

Every day when it rains, I go out and check the garden and I end up with HUGE zucchini.
I swear, they must grow the size of my leg in 2 hours, with the right moisture...

I love this beautiful garden the Man-Child helped me create...

And, I have a lot of people who have offered to help me "Glean" the produce when it's harvest time.
~Imagine that~

Bags and bags of garden fresh goodies have already been given away.

And, heaven help me when it's bean picking time~!

The "Turbo Twins" (my 2, 3-year old grandkids) planted about 16,000 bush and pole bean seeds along the trellis. 
They were putting them in the furrow with '3 year old' handfuls. 
My little Boohoo "Saige" says, "Did we plant them good Grandma?"
Why yes you did Ms. Boo, your beans are everywhere~!

There's a possibility the Turbo Twins bean row  may take over the house...

Would somebody please put that hose away?
~Seriously Jen - put the hoses away!~

(I leave so many laying around, I don't even notice when I'm taking pictures!)

Let's sit down and talk awhile...
How have you been?
It's been a while since I've been blogging, is life treating you well?

Then, we'll take one more walk around the garden...

We'll go pick the tomatoes...
~Oh my word, the tomatoes need a machete!~

The Man-Child brought a couple plastic squirrels from my house to this house about a month ago. 
He tucked them into the tomato forest here...
Apparently, his dog Duke (the heeler) hadn't realized there were plastic squirrels in the tomatoes because one day, there was such a ruckus. For over an hour, he tried to get those squirrels to run out of the tomatoes and well, to much avail, they're still in the same spot.
(Do you think he realized plastic squirrels don't run???)

Double check and ensure the main garden is all locked up to keep the 'Hair-Kids' out.

See that old rusty trough? 
I think that's where I'm going to plant my garlic in October... 

See that ladder on the wall? 
It's not forgotten, honest - it's how I water the horses for efficiency.
The horses on the other side of the block wall right now and every now and then, they peek over the wall and watch me tending the garden.

Oh, this photo parade has been exhausting...

Let's go swing~!

Yay, the Man-Child got the swing from my house hung up in the tree this weekend.
We promised each other that we would grow old together swinging on a porch swing.
Now that we're getting old, it's good we have a swing to keep our promise~!!!

Have a "Wonderful Week~!"


  1. Your garden looks wonderful! So lush and green. The white Shasta daisies look so pretty. And I love your swing! Those grands are good planters, huh? Helping you in the garden will stay with them all their lives. Hope all the critters are doing well, and glad you have just been busy, I was beginning to wonder. I' m trying to find that Concord grape pie recipe for you. Also, I buy a variety of garlic at the farmers' market called Sicilian Silver that keeps for several months, almost through the winter. Not too strong. Have you heard of it?

  2. Your garden looks lovely! Don't stay away so long next time with your projects! :)



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