Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Homemade Cushions for the Corner Kitchen Nook Benches...

Have you ever had an uncontrollable urge to make some country cushions for a 'Corner Nook Table' for your kitchen?

Well, I have and because of the 'urge,' some really cute cushions were created~!

You know...

You're just sitting around waiting for somebody to call you back for some work and "BAM" ~~~
The idea hits you~!

You run in and grab some of the hotel pillows you picked up at the thrift store (for the stuffing...)
You grab that yardage that was suppose to be used for a quilt back that you got from the clearance rack for a pittance, but when you 'pre' washed it, it shrunk and now it looks like thermal yardage for long-johns. 

Hey, it frays on the edges awesomely and I love frayed, fringy, foofoo, stuff ~ remember...?
Why not use long john material for corner nook cushions.
It makes perfect sense in my head...

~I'm clueless how thermal yardage ended up in this, but it turned out CUUUUTTTEEE!~

And, you grab that feed sack yardage you picked up at that yardsale for $2.

Last of the big spenders here...

We're looking at maybe, $10 worth of materials for this project.
~Ahhh.... We might break the bank on this one~

And, you lay the fabric out on the bench seats and start cutting with sharp scissors, giving yourself a bit of a hair cut in the process. You hear that sound, that sound of hair cutting and when you realize it was hair cutting, you admire how strait of a cut you made...

Waist long hair. 
Bent over a bench seat. 
Scissors in hand, cutting material. 
Hair in a braid, hanging over my shoulder.
Holy Hell - 
I needed a trim anyway. 
At least it's kind of trimmed straight this time

Who has time to worry about where your hair is at, when you're creating some kind of a "Cute" pattern that's floating in your head from a picture you pinned on Pinterest anyway...

My "Idea picture" below is from "Faded Charm" 
I fell in love with her cushions on her iron bench ages ago and they were my "Pin-Spiration" 
(Not to be confused for "perspiration" although, it is humid today)
For this "Pin-Tastic" project~!

~Would someone please point me in the direction of "Pinners Anonymous" ?~ 


I don't use patterns. I "Wing It"

And, I'm always just as surprised as everybody else at how my projects usually turn out...

Actually, it kind of amazes me that anybody lets me play with scissors to begin with.
~He, he~

I sewed a seam around everything (including the ties), but I left everything rough cut, so it will fray about 1/4" when it's washed and dried because,
"I Love Fringe~!"

 I made cushions the size of the benches out of the grain sack material and stuffed them with the stuffing from the hotel pillows from the thrift store. I thought they were feather pillows, but when I cut one open it was this strange stuffing that looked like strips of paper, only it was some kind of polyester. 
It was MESSY to mess with, but it has a feather pillow feel, so what the hey.

Then, I used the thermal type material to cut out covers that are held on by ties made out of the feed sack material. 

And, I found 3 crochet covered buttons I cut off an old crocheted sweater ages ago.
Have I ever told you that sometimes, when I need buttons, I go to the thrift shop in search of the perfect item of clothing with the perfect buttons. I pay for the item, snip the buttons off and donate the clothing back to the thrift store. It's WAY CHEAPER than buying new buttons. And, well, where do you find buttons in the hinterland when you need them right now?
"The Thrift Store, of course~!"

This was the perfect project for my 3, hoarded buttons.
It would have been cute if I would have had a couple more buttons, but hoarder's can't be choosers, most the time...

And, the buttons help hold everything together.

These are pillows with covers, but I cheated and sewed everything together at the corners. 

With the addition of the buttons, it makes them all one piece anyway and it keeps my corner ties 
"in the corners"

They turned out awesome, even though they were so expensive at about $3 a piece...

They finish off the benches on the "Nook Table" set.

And, they hide the damage on one of the benches from when the house was vacant and the roof leaked and warped the bench.

Maybe someday, I'll talk the "Man-Child" into making me one of the many, many, Restoration Hardware knockoff tables I dream about???

Jeff could make this table with the old boards in the basement for my future studio

DIY Farmhouse Table

DIY Restoration Hardware Dining Table--$100!!!

And, maybe later, I'll find some kind of eclectic seating to go with the farmhouse table in my future?

But, until then - - -

I'm going to be thankful and grateful and enjoy the old nook table set, with my newly created,  expensive cushions.

And, do my best to remember to remove them should any "Little People" drink red koolaid 
from the 'Corner Nook'...

Have a Wonderful Day~!

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