Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Shabby French Set out of some Vintage Syroco...

I decided to 'fix up' the Antique Door last week. It was just a little too crackled and weathered to match my kitchen. That will be a blog post for later. Anyway, I used some "My Savvy Sister Chalk Paint Dust" in some flat latex paint, the color of my kitchen trim and redone the door. I had so much left over paint that I pulled out the blue keeper full of vintage syroco to use up the leftover paint.

I have never painted with chalk paint before...
I am still baffled at how much 1 Cup of chalk paint will cover. It's amazing~! 
I never got into the chalk paint craze because quite frankly, I refused to spend the amount of money it cost for a quart of chalk paint and be so limited on the colors I could choose from...

The "My Savvy Sister Chalk Paint Dust" can be added to any color of flat latex paint. You just mix 2 Tbsp. with 2 Tbsp. boiling hot water. You mix this until there are no lumps and then you add it to 1 Cup of flat latex paint, any color you wish. The possibilities are endless...

I mixed it with a Clark and Kensington color called "Mystic Cream." That's the color of my kitchen trim. Then, I used Fiddes & Sons clear and rugger brown wax to antique the pieces

Of course, I forgot to take before and after pics of everything ~ duh... !
I was in one of those painting moods where I'm just lost in the moment. Everything I painted was a vintage gold though, like this frame ~ 

And they were transformed with chalk paint and wax to a 'Shabby French Set" without a lot of time, or effort. I can't believe how quick it is to paint with chalk paint and coverage is phenomenal. It's just awesome paint~!

It took about 2 quick coats of paint to cover the vintage gold (no primer necessary) and it dries so quickly. 
I was able to wax them within about 30 minutes of painting them. It was such a quick process.

They turned out just stunning~!

When these cute frames were finished, I printed off some French perfume labels and used for photos.

When I redone the syroco mirror, I used a technique I had used before and I sprayed a bit of the mirror backing with easy off oven cleaner and let it sit. Then, I used a brillo pad and scratched it off and modge podged one of the same french perfume labels onto the back of the mirror.

It's so hard to photograph, but what it does is allow the picture on the back of the mirror to show through.
What looks like dirty spots on the mirror in the picture, is really pictures of the roses showing through lightly on the mirror.

It gives this vintage mirror a real "Shabby' appeal...

The vintage gold syroco wall pockets transformed form a 1960's / 1970's - cheap victorian / hollywood regency type look, to a very pretty 'Shabby French' look.

They turned out GORGEOUS!

I don't have a place for this 'Shabby French Set.' So, I thought I would put it with some of my really nice hoarded curtains and see if I could find it a new home...

The curtains are just beautiful ~~ They're a set I picked up many moons ago at an estate sale.

They're the 'heavy duty' type with the curtain weights in the bottom of the panels. They look beautiful hanging in a window...

There are 2 fulls windows of curtains that are 84" in length and complete with valances, tie backs and 2 xtra table cloth, hemmed pieces of fabric.

If you're interested in this set, email me!

If I don't sell it now, I may tuck it away and have a barn sale with a bunch of other stuff I have redone later in the Fall.

It's a beautiful set and My Savvy Sister Chalk Paint Dust is definitely worth the purchase~!


  1. I wish I had the talent to do the painting/distressing. Believe it not, not everyone has the knack for it! ha. Yes, that would be me. Oh well.......All very pretty. You really need to round up some guys (or girls), to move the furniture! ;)


  2. They turned out beautiful! I like how you put the perfume labels in the frames.


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