Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Junkin Treasures...

I have a few moments, so I wanted to share with you some of the things I found treasure hunting over the weekend....

This is a small, rural area, so I'm always so excited when I find something neat. Or, in this case, a whole truckload of neat...

Lots of old faux gilded frames with old fashioned prints.

They are neat to look at, although the faux gilded frames will eventually be redone ~ maybe...

It's kind of like going back in time around here. 
And, I love it~!

Some of these will be used upstairs, I just know it...

What would you do if you came across a whole, large tote full of vintage Syroco? 
Would you smile and walk on? 
Would you pause and dig through the tote a little?
Maybe the large Syroco mirror would catch your attention, or the multiple Syroco shelves in the bottom?

Maybe, all of the vintage gold would catch your eye?
Or, perhaps, you need a 'wall pocket,' or 3?

You do realize it takes a long time, to put together a collection like this?

Perhaps, a whole lifetime...

Unless, the vintage Syroco Gods are on your side and make a habit of dropping vintage Syroco onto your head from vintage Syroco heaven?

Naw... I just find large blue totes at a yard sale full of lifetime collections of vintage Syroco all the time ~ 

Seriously, if you happen to come across a large blue tote full of vintage Syroco, please make sure to pause and ask "How Much?" Because you might squeal a bit when the seller says $20...
(And, that price included the tote!) 

And, of course on another table there was a vintage chandelier.
You just knew another one was going to find me, didn't you...

I did~!
And, this one is all the "Man-Child's" fault. 
I just wanted the coffee can full of crystals. 
Before I knew it - the whole chandy was in the truck...

But, this time, it's chrome and cut glass. 
~And, better pics will come soon~

It needs new candle sleeves and the chrome got damp where it was being stored and got a bit rusty, but that can easily be repaired. 

The fun thing about this chandelier find, is that it came with a huge coffee can full of glass crystals. Crystals from 4 different vintage chandeliers. 

I've been thinking about draping lace all over me one day and adorning it with vintage lace crystals, so I'm acquiring all I can right now.

I'm thinking this one might work in the mud room addition, or the office addition that will happen someday. I mean, I want blue currogated with rough sawn over a chair rail. Can't you just see the chrome on this beauty faux painted galvanized to match?

Just who wouldn't want a crystal chandelier in a trucking company office...???

If you went to a yard sale, could you really resist a vintage brass easel for $2? 

Or, a couple of old frames that are the perfect size to put a couple of vintage satin plaques from your best friend in.

So, they can now have a proper place on the dresser without getting knocked over...

And, if you are ever at a yard sale such as this, please, please ask how much the vintage Samsonite makeup case might be. Because when I did it was just $2 ~ it was a STEAL of a DEAL. 
And, yes 'pre-tell' I do have a plan for it, so check back~!

Actually, what would you do if you found a vintage 'flokati' wool rug at a yard sale? 
Would you know what it was?
Would you just walk on?
Or, would you ask how much??? 

I asked how much and she told me I could be its new owner for a 'Five Dollar Bill'...

I run into the most awesome yard sales in these small rural towns. And, I had a wonderfully productive Treasure Hunt this last weekend.


  1. I had 3 post to catch up on. ha. I haven't been on the computer much lately. Love all your "finds" and your windows are gorgeous! Nothing cuter than kittens. :) When I get time to finish some of my own decorating I have been working on, I will send some pics to you. :) Enjoyed catching up! I'm still waiting for the big reveal of that bedroom though! ha.


  2. Well, who can pass up a chandelier, even if you don't NEED it right now? And a big coffee can full of crystals, OMG! And all of those ornate frames with prints? What fabulous finds! Around here, nothing is cheap anymore, including thrift stores. I've noticed their prices going up, a lot. I really like the traincase too. Forties or fifties? Cuz I have one from the sixties, and yours looks older.

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