Thursday, May 29, 2014

French Trompe-l'oeil...

To deceive the eye...

In this case, to deceive the eye into thinking that my vintage bedroom door is embellished with carved wood...


It's not carved wood?


Would you believe it looked like this when I first brought it home?
Someone had messed around with some cheap paint. It actually looks kind of pretty in pics, but in person, it was quite messy.

One plaque is of a "Summer Scene" and the other of a "Winter Scene"

Of course, I chose summer for the bedroom side of the door. The winter scene is still being worked on, on the 'back' side of the bedroom door.

I primed the plastic Syroco and put a quick coat of white, satin enamel on it before I glued it to the door. I measured it out and I actually just used hot glue to get it to tack up where I needed it.

Then, I went around the whole plastic piece with some paintable caulking. The paintable caulking is the material that gives it a permanent bond to the door. I made sure there were no gaps between the Syroco and the door, to create the illusion of a carved wood medallion on the door. 

I thought it would be difficult with all of the grooves and indents to caulk around the piece, but it was quite easy with a few wet Q-tips and some wet paper towels, just make sure to get it smoothed out well.

I painted it with the same color as the bedroom trim and doors and then I used some antiquing wax from My Savvy Sister Chalk Paint Dust Shop, like I did the rest of the embellishments in the bedroom, to make it stand out.

Gosh, it looks beautiful next to the new custom entryway mirrors the "Man-Child" built me.
It's kind of like a "Haussmann Style" going on in here with all of the decorative additions the last few weeks.

Who would have thought a couple dollar set of vintage Syroco plaques could be so deceiving.
Of course, that was the intention of vintage Syroco when it was created, to deceive you into thinking it was carved wood.

I think these little projects like this are a great 're-use' of the Syroco pieces we're all drawn to, but unsure of.
(And gee, I have that whole big, blue, tote full of the stuff to use for something)

If you run across some vintage Syroco at a yard sale, don't be scared to bring it home and repaint it. With enough imagination put into a piece, it can have a beautiful new life glued to a vintage door, or something.

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  1. It does look great! It was meant to be, for you to find that blue tote full of this stuff. I went back and read all your old posts when I found your blog, and I was wondering how your patios and flowers are doing this year.

    1. I should really get out there and get some pictures. And, clean up all the 'Grand Littles' little tikes cars and stuff before I take those pics - lol
      It sort of looks like a daycare out front right now with all the chaos.
      The patios held up amazing through their first winter, not a brick out of place and they were so easy to shovel the snow off of and melted a lot faster than cement, plus there was good traction after the snow was shoveled. And, now that Spring finally arrived in Utah, the flowers are all in bloom out front. It's beautiful~!
      I'll get those pics this weekend, in between the veggie garden project that is turning out to be gorgeous. (who has a gorgeous veggie garden spot? I DO~!)
      Out back is a little slower to show - those are mainly late June flowers and plants out there...

  2. I didn't mean to be pushy! I was just wondering:-)) It looked so pretty and you guys worked so hard on it! I don't know how you do all you do, both of you. Don't worry about photos unless you have time. And don't worry about the "Grand Littles" toys, etc.

  3. A very creative idea and I love how it looks! Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks to make this work so well.

    Gigi @ Old World Patina


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