Saturday, March 15, 2014

Plotting a bedroom recolor...

I just can't take this 'blush,' 'brownish,' 'camelish,' whatever color this is any longer...

If I could move mountains ~ well big furniture myself, it would be DONE~!

Tell me what you see...

What color do you think would be pretty in here?

Ivory, cream, white, taupe, beige...

I'm leaning toward an ivory color, with a brown base pigment?

With bright white trim?

I HATE the color it is, but I want to get it right...

What about the color of this taupe'y crocheted coverlet?

Or, even lighter, like the ivory colored lace throw on the left?

The 'soon to be' new color has to match Russian Pine and the burgundy / wine color in the rug...

And, remember my deep, deep, window seats caused by the walls in this old house being 2' thick?

I'm thinking of a window seat cushion, something like this perhaps?

Made out of white linen, or perhaps just simple white sheets?

(The pic is off, but I have no link. If someone comes across the link, I would like to give credit where credit is certainly due, please send it along...)

I have a 'funky' closet corner I rarely show...

It has mirrored closet doors and a big space between the top of the closet and the ceiling...

To make it a statement, I'm thinking something like this?
Perhaps, some old windows above the closet, to hide the funky space that stands out?

(This pic was emailed to me by a friend. If anybody is familiar with a link, please provide it, so I can give credit back to the originating source...)

I also have a beautiful, vintage chair in my room ~
Right now, it's sort of housing the dvd player and surround sound ~ ey, yey, yey...
I would love some completion, some organization in my room soon.

Cross your fingers that my wish of a beautiful, recolored, bedroom will soon come to fruition.

I just need help moving all of the big furniture soon...


And, this is one of the new crocheted coverlets I got at the antique store the other day ~~~

It's beautiful, but I haven't really found it a home just yet...

How do you see my finished bedroom???

I need your ideas...


  1. I love Ben. Moore Linen White, the color is beautiful and maybe the color you are looking for your walls, I used this in my bedroom redo and did the trim in Simply White. Love your room, it will be beautiful I am sure! Di@Cottage-Wishes

    1. Oh... I looked at that online, I think you might be right. Any other "linen" swatch I've had is either too dark, or too grey. The room is so cold in the winter, I would hate to go with a 'cool' color and make it feel even colder... Yes, and white trim -
      Now, if I can figure out what to do with my funky closet~ lol...
      I'm too chicken to even show pics of it...
      Thanks for the ideas~!

  2. I think a light color...taupe with a beige undertone would look good with your decor. I have that color in my bedroom and I can change my bedding or decor to any color. It will be beautiful, I know! Sweet hugs!

    1. Oh, my sweet, sweet, friend - I knew you would probably be right on the penny... I've thought of many things in here. In fact, I have spent hours and hours in this room contemplating the recolor and fixing a few things. I would start already, but I hate unfinished rooms - at least, unfinished paint jobs... lol
      Wish me luck~!
      Have a Wonderful rest of the Weekend...

  3. I don't envy your decision! Get some paint chips and hold up against your furniture and rug. Although, you've probably already done that. :) I understand about the getting it right. Especially with how hard it will be to move that furniture! Good luck. I'm sure though, you will pick the right one!



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