Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New, Vintage Decor for the Kitchen...

I have gathered some wonderful 'vintage' trinkets 
the last few weeks...

This 'vintage looking' enamelware pitcher: 

It was $5 on our local Facebook yard sale page. 
It was less than 3 miles away from me. 

It was originally pure white and red, but I needed vintage white and black. 
I brought it home and painted over all of the red with black enamel paint. 

Then, I took it outside and banged it on a rock to give it a few dents... 
~Sick, I know... ~

Can you just see me walking outside with this in my hand beating it on a rock?

Thank Heavens I have no close neighbors~!

Then, I added black enamel paint to the dents to make them look like chipped enamel.

 I went over the whole pitcher with "Folkart" brand antiquing medium in apple butter brown 
to add some dirt appeal....

 To give this 'New' $5 reproduction pitcher an 'Old' patina... 

I think I accomplished an "Old" look 
for this reproduction pitcher to fit in with my kitchen decor. 

It was definitely worth the $5 investment~!

Then, I found these 'Vintage Looking Graters": 
They were also a find off of our local Facebook yard sale site. 
They were $8... 
They are certainly reproductions, but they were way too cute to pass up...

They were a perfect fit...

Who Could Resist?

I found a couple of 'Vintage things' in the cellar here too: 
A vintage "Currier & Ives Tray / Plaque" of their  "Skating - Early Winter" scene... 

It is definitely 'Vintage"...

I love the ice skating scene...

And, I also found a vintage 
"Winter Scene"
 tin can in the cellar ...

With a winter scene that circles all the way around it...

It says, "Home To Thanksgiving Lithograph by Currier & Ives, 1876 - The Harry T. Peters Collection, Museum of the City of New York P. 1075" around the bottom.

I have no clue what would have been in this can, or if it was purely for decor back in the day?

I'm thrilled it was waiting in the cellar for me to discover it.

I love the winter scene's on both of the 
Currier & Ives reproduction tins~!

Then, I found a coupe of vintage milk bottles:
I have been watching for some, for a while now.

I nearly bought a few a couple weeks ago at an antique store, but I just couldn't pull the trigger at $15 each.
These 2 were found over the weekend at a second hand store for $5 a piece.

I have added to my 'Vintage Kitchen Decor' collection with  some good luck, cheap finds lately.

 And, every new addition makes me smile...


Lots of fun to play around 
with in this farmhouse kitchen...

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  1. You always arrange things to make them look their best! You got some great deals...didn't even know there was such a thing as a facebook garage sale page! Interesting! Enjoy your afternoon my friend! Sweet hugs!

    1. I have found some great deals lately. Which is odd, because it's winter and not at all 'yard sale' season. I figure it's just because people are cleaning after the new year and passing some wonderful treasures down the line.
      In some areas there are facebook, yardsale pages. Well, in Utah, there are yardsale pages, free stuff pages, antiques and vintage stuff pages. There are a lot here. If you are a facebook user and you type your home town name and state in the search bar, you might find a few close to you?
      It's kind of like Craigslist for us -
      Hope you find a facebook page and also hope you have a wonderful week~!

  2. Cute stuff and the milk glasses in the above post! I am now going to check out my local facebook swap pages. I'm not to hopeful though. ha. Are you working on that bedroom yet? :)


    1. Oh, hell no I haven't started on the bedroom... lol
      I HATE starting painting a room I can't finish. Unless it's the trim. Then, we know it can take me a couple of years to finish trim... *smile*
      The 'Man-Child' is taking a couple extra days off next week. I gave him 'my puppy dog eyes' and asked if he would help me move the furniture in there so I can paint and he said, "Maybe"... that's encouraging. My fingers are crossed~!

    2. When mine says, "I'll see", to me that's as good as a yes. Then if he says, "sometime", that means no. They have a language of their own. They can't make it simple and just say yes or no. haha.


  3. Hi! Jen!
    Your pretty can was a coffee can. I remember there being several different scenes. I think those came out around Christmastime. It must have been late sixties or early seventies.

    1. Oh...
      Thank you Karen~!
      That makes perfect sense as there are hundreds of old coffee cans around here filled with old trinkets and many, many "Honeymoon Pickle" jars...

  4. Coming over from Angie's Knick of Time ... love your treasures and display. Can't believe you beat up the pitcher, but you sure aged it. Looks authentic. I see some wooden rolling pins and mashers there too ... love the old wooden stuff and have a huge collection.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


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