Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Cutting Edge Story...

Two packages arrived, right before Christmas with a return address of WI~

I'm always very excited to receive something from the State of Wisconsin. The neatest things travel from there. They start out in an 'If It Fits, It Ships' box and they make a 1500 mile journey en' route. It always amazes me that it's even possible to send something that far, that fast...

This, my blog friends is, "A Cutting Edge Story" of the ability of the U.S. Postal Service, to get something from Point A, to Point B in just a couple days. The logistics of it is just AMAZING...

In this instance, arrived a bunch of beautiful, vintage, lace curtains, some jeans and a wonderful surprise.

Wrapped up in all that lace and all those jeans were these Awesome, Vintage, Goodies~!

Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday Jen~!
Complete with a warning "not to shave my legs with them." 

Who would send such a fun parcel in the mail? 
Well, someone's best friend, for sure...

Thank You Pam~!

The Mother of Pearl Dip Pens and the Vintage Calligraphy Book will definitely sit on a beautiful, antique, pine desk I'm still searching for. That will be in my 'future' living room / stair case addition.

And, the Vintage Straight Razors will go in some kind of shadow box in the soon to be finished, bathroom remodel...

I'm pretty sure some of those pleated, vintage lace curtains that arrived will go in the big bedroom window upstairs, when I get stairs to the upstairs someday. And, well, the other 'flat' lace curtains I'm contemplating incorporating into a quilt I intend to finish, as soon as this bathroom remodel is complete.

I'm not sure how a person says, "Thank You" for such wonderful treasures? If you were closer than a 22 hours drive, I would just hug you and pour you a drink!

~This is an Awesome Christmas / Birthday Gift ~ 

Thank You my dear 'Best Friend'... 

And for Heaven Sake... 
I will someday find something to return to WI that's just as Awesome. 
I must admit ~ I'm enjoying the hunt, so be patient with this blonde... lol


  1. What fabulous gifts my friend! Is it your Happy Birthday? I hope you've had a wonderful and special day!!! Love those lace panels....I know you'll do something fun with them! Off to see more of your 'new' bathroom! Hugs!

    1. Glad you liked them.. I have about 10 more pleated and ruffled lace panels to send that go with them.. Im looking for an old cup and shaving brush to stuff in your shadow box. Ill find one also looking for any vintage hair stuff, barber supplies too for ya. I have some stuff here but I still cant find the rest. It took me a month to find the gilded gold mother o f pearl pens and the razors. I thought the other stuff I had was with it, but naturally it wasn't. When I find the rest of it I will ship it to ya..
      Take care

  2. I found the antique hair clipper. NOT electric. your gonna flip when ya see it. I will be sending it to y when I can get a full box.
    ~Luv Pam~


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