Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Scarecrow's have Invaded~!

My 2 favorite seasonal decorating themes; 
Scarecrow's and Snowmen...

The Scarecrow's came marching in yesterday, in all their cuteness and landed in my kitchen window, among the other Fall decor...

My youngest daughter wrote on their chalkboards last year and it was fitting to leave them as they were for another display this year. The girl scarecrow on the right has the writing, "food, food and more FOOD!!!" written...

The boy scarecrow on the left has, "What she said ------->" written on him. They're in my huge, front kitchen window, so sayings about "food" in the kitchen are fitting~!

The little 'rustic,' Autumn candle boxes have been sitting here for about a month already. My little Grandson puts all the handles down when he visits and fills them full of his favorite trinkets. One day, I found a piece of cheese, 1/2 banana and two Disney toys in the small green one ~ Secret hideaway's are a must have when you're 2 years old~!

The old crate table bears the bulk of the Fall attire ~ she is fully aglow in the rust colors of Autumn.

I fell in love with some little, stuffed pumpkins from Jann's blog over at Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olsen...

I had to create some of my own ~~ Jen style...

I had no 'orange' material in my stash, so I used an old, brown plaid curtain... I cut out a circle using a kitchen plate as a template. I filled a sandwich baggie full of rice. I gathered the material up around the baggie, placed old, rusty/crusty bolts for stems and tied it with a piece of raffia and tucked in a couple green leaves. I made 4 and tucked them in and around things... Very cute and simple for a quick Autumn decor idea~!

The 'stuffed pumpkins' work for me until the local pumpkin patch opens and I can add some real punkins and gourds to the mix... Thanks Jann ~ for a great idea~!!!

I added some sunflowers and wheat to the 'meat grinder floral' that hangs on the lonely cupboard...

The 'warm' colors of an Autumn pallet are very pleasing in my kitchen...

The colors add a "richness" that makes you want to sit down and stay for awhile...

I confess that I have developed quite a love for carved 'monkey wood' bowls. I have been picking them up from the thrift shop for pennies..I have them in various sizes. They make a great Fall table display and serve a dual purpose. If the little Grandbabies play with them, they can't break them ~ it's a win, win~! 

They love to move 'little things' from bowl to bowl and spot to spot. So, this 'tablescape' should entertain them when they visit...

The rustic, barn wood apple, with the square head nail as a stem has been tucked away, awaiting a chance to be center stage for a while now. It is so cute~! It is one of my favorite acquisitions this year. It cost me a quarter at a yard sale and it has been eager for a chance to shine...

Scarecrow's are tucked in here and there ~ just waiting for the Grandbabies to discover them & smile~!

Even the top of the refrigerator got a semi-makeover and is now aglow in the colors of Fall...

(Yikes ~ yellow pic... the light was low last night and no matter what I tried, the pics of the fridge top all came out yellow. We win some and lose some with the picture taking sometimes...<wink>)

 Fall has officially arrived in my kitchen...

And made itself comfortable for a while...

It is so crazy how pictures change color ~ my walls are actually a soft, italian, mint / vintage green. It blows me away that they come out looking like they're blue in pics...?

And, I will be thrilled when the glass shades arrive in the mail for my new French Chandelier above the kitchen table...

It might not be the right date ~ but it's the right frame of mind~!!!

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  1. Hi Jen!
    Everything looks so warm and inviting... I bet you feel so at home in your farmhouse...I dream of an old homestead too... They have so much soul! Thank you for sharing your lovely fall creations and decorations with us !

    1. Welcome to "Lace Crazy" Deb...
      Renovating an old homestead is a project of love & I only recommend it to those with a lot of patience~!
      Someday, it will be complete, but that someday may be someday, a ways away ~ lol
      But, it's WORTH IT~~ I love this old place!
      Hope you have a Wonderful Day~
      Thanks for the visit~!

  2. Oh Jen your place looks yummy! Love the scarecrows. You might love October Farm's blog she has just begun decorating for fall too.
    Lovely to meet you - I will be back!
    Love Leanne

    1. Welcome Leanne & thanks for the referral to
      We are definitely 'kindred spirits' ~ can't wait for the time to dig through her blog further...
      Please come back and stay awhile~!

  3. Great job such a warm welcoming home! Hope the arrival of the Scarecrows bring cooler weather.

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity <;)


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