Friday, July 5, 2013

Wild Utah...

We went for a wheeler ride up on the mountain yesterday for the 4th.
Alot of different wild flowers were blooming, but the wild 'Lupines' are one of my favorite...

When we reached about 8,000 feet, the flower fest began -

Sit back, enjoy the show~

The Utah Wild Columbine were blooming in the pines...

Even some Larkspur (?) was peeking through the brush
in the low country...

And of course, wild roses everywhere...

The landscape around here changes at every elevation.
We started the trip @ 5,800 ft. and went up to 10,600 ft.

When you're on top ~ it feels like you're on top of the world~!
This is looking out over the 'Utah West Desert' toward the
Nevada State line...

And my little 'mob' and 'Charlie' the Alpaca were waiting for me
right by the fence when we got home...

I have no clue what setting my Grandbabies have my phone camera set on?
(They love to play with my phone...)

All of these pics came out really vivid~!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a piece of my

~ "Little Slice of Heaven"~

Here in "God's Country"...


  1. Every time I see him it makes me laugh.

  2. Don't laugh at Charlie...
    He's kind of a sensitive camel ~ lol
    He's a good boy. Glad he lives with me now...

  3. He does look kind of funny with that haircut. He looks like an old man, to me. But cute! How beautiful that area is. I love lupines and columbine. No way to grow lupines, here.


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