Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bella Notte inspired pillow shams 'Part Deux' ~ With a crocheted edge...

Oh, you really didn't think I would stop with just (lets see...) three sets this month, did you???

It's a 'pillow makin' marathon' going on around here ~~~!

Quick, someone take the sewing machine away......

(If you try, I'll bite your arm...!)

Well, since I was digging through my curtains, I came across this gorgeous panel. It's one of the old, vintage ones with the rubber back. I don't even think they make this kind of quality anymore. At least, not around where I live... And - it was only $1...

As I kept digging through my stash, I came across a bag that had a Ralph Lauren "Charlotte" bed skirt, a set of shams and a flat sheet... Oh, yummy - these would go perfect with the vintage curtain panel to destruct me a couple more 'Belle Notte' (part deux) inspired big, ruffly, pillow cases... The Ralph Lauren bedding came from the thrift store and I think it cost me $5...?

(We're up to $6 so far and I only needed some thread & time...)

Where the damask panel is rubber backed, I lined the inside with pieces of the Ralph Lauren sheet. I can't even image how I would have got a pillow into it without this brain thought?

Lets face it... 

I am DESTRUCTIVE with textiles (I don't know why?) ...
It starts out one thing and a couple whacks & a bit of thread later and it's another. 

My lighting 'sucks' at night when I'm sewing and I was just way too busy to turn on the light~!

I cut the ruffle off the bed skirt and sewed it onto the pillow edge for the pillow ruffle because I'm just way too lazy to pull out the ruffler attachment for my sewing machine... <Yes, I'm smiling big> I love 'already made' ruffles. It just saves me lots of time...

The inside of the sham is "Ralph Lauren Charlotte" lined...

The exterior is the vintage, damask, curtain panel, with a Ralph Lauren 'Charlotte' ruffle...

I've had a few inquirer's email me and request patterns. Sorry ladies - I don't use patterns. I just grab the material, grab the scissors and a measuring device and start whacking. It's all just in my head and you don't want me to go in there after it.

Trust me...
It's scary in there~!

Honestly, I've never had a formal sewing lesson. I don't know how to use a pattern. I've never owned a pattern. I just "Wing It" and wingi'ng  it (is that a word?) works for me...

I didn't stop here though... It was plain - it needed some pizzazz... Something to finish it off...

It needed a crocheted edge...

So, I grabbed my little 'SkipStitch' rotary cutter attachment. 
You can order one here: Skpstitch Blade

I ran it along the edge of my ruffle. And, I started my stitches. Again, I just 'wing-ed' the pattern. I start with no 'rhyme, nor reason.' I just start...

And, I ended up with beautiful, 'Belle Notte' inspired pillow shams for $6...
(Waaaaaayyyyyy cheaper than the real thing!)

It is so easy to take pieces of stuff and create beautiful bedding~!

In my next life (God forbid I have to do this again, I've really learned my lesson about living!)
I would wish to be a bedding designer... 

Or, a dog...
Just look at this mess~! 
Something happens when he lays down. These little white 'puff balls' politely referred to as "Mooch Balls." Jump off him and start roaming around the house... !

~And, of course... the human walks around all day and picks them all up~
Back to the blog post Jen... 
hm, hm... sorry for the interruption~!

A rundown of the cost of the bedding currently on my bed...
The newly destructed Belle Notte (part deux) shams = $3
The ruffled Ralph Lauren shams in the back = $2
The little throw pillows in front = $0.50 (2 linen napkins and some edging)
The 'Poodle" bed spread = $15 (from Domestications)
The bottom crocheted edge blanket (white) = $2
The sand pink, fringed edge blanket at the foot of the bed = $1
And... There are 2 quilted shams on the bed I got from J.C. Penney's clearance for $4.99 each = $10
Total Cost for your bed to look like this if your a thrifty treasure hunter & a pack rat who has no fear of scissors~
(Not counting the sheets...)

And, when the man-child comes home and just plops his construction worker, dirty truck driver self all over my Belle Notte inspired bed... I can just roll my eyes and say, "Whatever..."

Instead of screaming ~ 
"Get off the Belle Notte Bedding~!!!"

And, I'll never have to hear...
"Isn't a bed suppose to be layed on?"

Ever again...

Watch those yard sales and thift stores for those old, vintage, curtains...
They can be turned into "Beautiful Bedding" for a pittance of the cost of "Designer Bedding."

Your man will thank you~!!!

And, if the man-child does something to anything on the bed, 
it will give me a great excuse to make some more~!!!


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  1. Love this post! Gorgeous bedding! My first time here.....not my last. Now following.

    1. Welcome to my blog Kathy...
      It's great to have you. Come visit often...

  2. Well Hello, Loved your name of your blog! I think what you have done is just what I needed. I have just redone a quilt of mine and added lace I bought!
    It is so much fun to create. Everything takes so much work, but the satisfaction that come from seeing the results, really mkes it worth it!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Thanks for the kind words Roxy...
      Give me a textile (fabric) and I'll always make it into something beautiful involving scissors~!

  3. Love your bella notte inspired pillows! Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays! New Follower!


    1. Thanks for the invite Jody - I will certainly share there...
      Welcome to my little spot in the universe~!

  4. Jen, this is fabulous! What a creative gal you are. Love the fabrics and the crochet edge is the icing on the cake! So glad to have you share at SYC. I will be featuring you later today.

  5. Oh Jann...
    I'm so excited ~ I LOVE YOUR BLOG...
    Thank you so much~!!!
    You have made my Wednesday...
    Have a fabulous rest of the week~!
    (I'm going to go gloat now... lol)

  6. So glad I popped over from the No Minimalist Here Open House, because I love your bedding ideas. I will be following you from now on!!! Great job...and your dog is sooooo cute, even though he leaves you "mooch balls"....LOL :)

    1. Oh, he is such a "Mooch"... lol
      Mooch is my best friend ~ even though he's hairy... =]
      I LOVE to be followed, just be careful, I trip and fall alot ~ !
      (~following back~)
      Welcome to my crazy place on the web~!

  7. I loved everything about this post, including your humor! I've got a whole stash of linens just waiting to be remixed... great ideas.

    1. I LOVE stashes of linens... Hope you create something beautiful out of them. I could pet linens all day... Love old linens.
      Thanks for stopping by for a visit "Jennie"...
      Hope you have a fabulous, fun week~!

  8. I am so in love with this idea and it looks like what I need to do to add some style to my bedroom. I have a Lady of Shallot inspired bedroom and love making it even more romantic. I'm going to save your blog on my list of favs! I love your style! Hugs!

    1. "Lady of Shallot"... Oh' beautiful idea~!
      You can change the whole look of it for pennies, if you repurpose something into new bedding / pillows... I can just see you adding more romance with a snip and a thread.
      Post pics of your romantic adventures - I would love to see what you come up with. Following back...

  9. Your bed looks so beautiful! I love all the crocheted lace! Your upcycled pillowcases add such a nice touch to the overall look! I am a new follower. Stop my and visit me when you get a moment!
    ps I too "whack" things and turn them into other things! Love recycling curtains!

  10. A 'kindred spirit' to me Linda...
    For a long time, I thought I was the only female who destroyed and redone curtains. Great to know I'm not alone in my destructive ways ~ lol
    Your blog looks like it will take me a few hours to look through ~ for fun!
    Definitely your newest stalker... I'll be visiting you often. It appears, we're a lot alike~!
    Welcome to "Lace Crazy"...

  11. Beautiful pillow slips, Jen! I love your bed and your pretty bedding. Thanks so much for joining the Open House party and check out this week to see your feature. Now following.

    1. Oh my gosh~!!!
      I nearly fell off my chair when I read this comment Sherry...
      THANK YOU ~ I love your blog & I've been a pinterest follower of yours since before I even had a blog~!
      Oh, you make my heart melt...
      Thank You so much ~ you have made me smile - Huge Smile!
      {{{HUGS to you, you make me feel special}}}


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