Friday, June 21, 2013

Bathroom Curtains...

Well, this is the 5th change of curtains in a year for this bathroom window...

I've just been unable to find something I like for this old bathroom. I think, it's because it's not redone yet. Everything in the bathroom is still 'retro' and it throws me. And, so does the color of the walls, the color of the carpet, the old Sears & Warbuck vanity, blah... blah... blah...

Someday the 'Man-Child' will get time to get started on this room and get finished on this room. I'm not really complaining, because everything works, it just 'hurts my eyes!'

My best friend sent me some crocheted lace valances. I was one short for using them in the kitchen. We had (her & I) devised a plan to maybe whack them up and redo them for the kitchen, but I just knew the bathroom was the place for these...

I never got around to ordering the French curtain from this blog post: To do it, or not to do it, that's is the current question...

I haven't forgot, I just never got it done. Anyway... I found 2, vintage, thick, curtain panels at the thrift store yesterday for $2... I plotted it for a couple hours and woke up today to give the bathroom window a "Jen Makeover."

The vintage curtain material is high quality and really expensive looking~!

The pleated, thiftstore panels were too short, but the perfect size to fit 'across' the window. I un'picked the bottom seam, to stretch me a couple of inches... 

It wasn't even enough length, so I whacked a chunk off one of the extra valances she sent and sewed it to the bottom of each panel to extend the length and make them match the valance.

(Of course, I ironed them before I hung them up...)

The thick, vintage panels are great 'block out' curtains. I hate mini blinds and it's bothered me that this window has been wide open. Now, the panels can be closed when someone is getting in the shower~!

I do have a 7' block wall all the way around the yard and no close neighbors, but isn't it funny that without a bathroom window 'blocked off,' it can feel so exposed?

(Curtains are bear to get a pic of during the day...)

Someday the whole room will be beautiful, but for now, I can have beautiful curtains~!


Not bad for $2 and a couple hours time...


  1. Wow, I will never look at too short curtains in the same way again! I love them!


  2. Glad they are out of the kitchen.(I hated them in there)
    Thank you for WACKING them up. I told ya they would still be ok cut. They look AWESOME...



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