Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Plotting the Bathroom Redo...

I'm a little impressed that this flu/cold is subsiding enough to get my mind back on the future. It's had me derailed for a week... I'm certainly not at 100%, but I'm upright and mobile again, that's a plus~!

I find myself plotting the attack on the "soon-to-be" bathroom towel cabinet that will hang above the commode. And, the redo of the little $2 bench that will sit under the window...

The "soon-to-be" bathroom towel cabinet is an old guncabinet with the perfect measurements for this location, that I picked up for $25... The carved wood embellishments are what sealed the deal. I just have this passion for carved wood for this old home.

Here it is with some crown molding and decorative moldings added...

Currently, it's being housed in the old coal shed and I'm contemplating dragging it in, running to the hardware store for some paint, (maybe, I'll try a homemade chalk paint recipe?) and attacking this monster head on. Why not? I'm sick anyway, so nobody would expect me to match, or my hair to look nice... In this condition, I could just smack on my snoopie jammies, throw my hair up in a scarf and get started~!
Nobody will be coming to see me anyway, because I am sick and they just don't want me to share the love ~ lol

I want the soon-to-be bathroom vanity to be the showpiece of this the bathroom, so it has taken me forever and a day to figure out what color to do this old cabinet. I want the towel cabinet to be pretty on its own merit, but not detract from the vanity. It would be a perfect world, if they were the same kind of wood and matched perfectly, but since I don't live in a perfect world, I'm not even going to try to make them match. I have no interest in painting the vanity, to match the cabinet, because the vanity is GORGEOUS the way it is and smacking paint on it, is NOT AN OPTION in my mind...

The vanity and the towel cabinet will be independent pieces from each other, so adding some blue to this piece might just tie my whole bathroom together?

In the first pic, you can see the poor, faux, paint job this poor sweet thing is wearing, although it looks like a stained wood piece in the second pic, it's not. It has about 4 layers of paint on it and then someone got the idea to get it back to looking like wood, so they done a mustardy/orangy, faux wood look job. Hence the reason I acquired it so cheap. Versus sanding it down to the bare wood, I'm just going to work with it and add a light layer and some blue layers, I think. Then, I'll use some stain, some antique medium and some waxes... And then, do a full on attack with my palm sander~!

Maybe, to get the outcome to look something like this???

I would link back to the original website for this photo, but it has been removed...
It's a pic pinned on pinterest to one of my pin boards...
Sorry that I'm unable to give credit for the photo to the original pic owner... (?)

I think I'll try to get this little $2 bench to have a similar effect as the cabinet, in the end?

Only really 'distress' this little cutie ~ maybe, take it outside and throw some paint at it ~ ?

I'm thinking if I stick with cream, instead of white, I can pull all this off and order those beautiful curtains I was talking about in this blog post:

And hey... I even got that old blue marbely abitibi (sp?) all the way covered with the raised stencils and paper...

I'm contemplating doing the raised stencils and paper treatment half-way up, or half-way down on the window wall too and base painting it a cream color, antiquing it and then dry brushing some of the same blue from the cabinet over the raised stencils? I might be close to a 'plan of attack' on this whole room, so stay tuned...

I forgot to add this...
A newly acquired decoration last week ~ it's the only thing I've found the exact same color as the tub...
It will be the only thing sitting on the vanity when it's completed, maybe full of dry flowers? ~ yay me... there are still things made this color blue, thank the heavens~!

Blue enamelware picture...

I might have a bathroom makeover post soon...

Enough 'thinking' already and more action Jen ~ jeeze~!



  1. I love the blue pitcher! Looking forward to what you do!

  2. That comment above was from me. :)


  3. I was so geared up to start this cabinet today, but between the irrigation water, lose sheep and a longer than expected trip to get the paint, I didn't get started... But, I got the paint~!
    How do my days fly by so fast?
    It's like I wake up and poof, it's gone...
    I will get to it - it's just taking me a little longer than expected. Like 8 months longer ~ lol
    Hope your enjoying that Grandbaby Lindy~!

  4. Jen, sorry to hear that you have been under the weather. Glad you're on the mend. Can't wait to see the redo. Love, love the cabinet! That color of blue on the enamel pitcher is my fav. I have it in my family room and kitchen mixed with red and green. The rustic colors on that cabinet you showed really are wonderful! Can't wait to see what you come up with.


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