Sunday, May 19, 2013

Patio Progress = 'Rained Out'... Bummer~

Well, our goal of being done by Sunday has been met with Mother Nature's interference, although we are grateful for the moisture... It's actually snowing lightly on the mountain above me. And, it's only 45 degrees outside today...

I am so grateful to have this beautiful view out my front windows
and other beautiful views surrounding my whole yard...

The good news is, we are almost done with the patios~!

We did get a break in the weather yesterday to get the final compaction done. We used a small 'Mikasa' plate compactor. We put down about an inch of sand and then laid OSB over the top to protect the pavers and we compacted it a couple times. I was astounded at how much sand the pavers ate when we done this, but they are solid now. It's like walking on concrete...

I think this final step will be the key to a long life for the patios,
as well as periodic additional sand applications from time, to time
and keeping them swept of dirt and debris.

Hopefully, by early next week we'll have this completed
and some of the flowers and vines plated~!

So, in the meantime, there's a dutch apple pie in the oven (smells heavenly), grilled cabbage ready to throw on the grill and a mutton fry getting ready to happen in a garage up the road because it's too wet outside to do it here as planned today... 

Good friends, good food, good conversation...
Is there anything better than that?

One of the things I enjoy is the challenge of

Mother Nature...


  1. You probably needed a rest! :)


    1. I think I did need a break. I was starting to mumble under my breath with every shovel full of sand made.
      I am still tired, but happy for what progress has been made. I cannot believe how COLD it is. I actually have a fire going in the fireplace tonight. It feels like Autumn out there. Strange weather going on. The rain will help set the pavers even better though, so no complaints out of me. I just wish I could warm up~!


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