Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The secret of change...

is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new...

I'm really focusing my energy on this bathroom remodel. I just can't seem to convince the man-child that NOW is the time... He seems to be busy with farming and irrigating and things...

So, I just keep focusing and by doing so, I hunt, I gather and I dream it will soon come to fruition~!

I have delayed showing any kind of pics of this room, because it truly makes me nautious - I'm not sure I'll ever show many pics, just maybe a quick one here and there. It's hard to take pics of too, because there are SO MANY SHADES OF BLUE~!
It's sort of like the peach catastrophe this home used to be, only you turn right in the hall and you get overwhelmed, completely attacked and blinded by the blue, blue, blue and more blue...

What I do have is the vanity counter, the soon to be vanity, the mirror, an old gun cabinet I'm making into a towel cabinet for above the comode etc, etc... So, I'll piece it together and you can all give me your greatest advice and wisdom, ideas and thinking from there...

The begining of "The Bathroom Makeover"...

This HAS NOT been an expedious process ~
Remember, it took me 8 months to pick out a sink!

And, here's the sink I finally settled on...

This bathroom is too white for me, but for some reason,
I fell head over heels in love with the sink...
(It's just a sink Jen - you looked at 10,000 before you settled)

I like it because it's different. It's sort of a mix of a vessel sink and a recessed sink...
Like I said - it took me 8 months to figure it out ~ dong!

What made me decide this was the sink for me?
I went to the local Kohler dealer and they had it on their showroom floor and sold it to me for $100, including a kohler faucet hooked to it, because they were redoing their plumbing line in their showroom.

Remember, I live in a really 'rural' area - for the local plumbing supply company to have this exact same sink to view in person and pet and measure was a clear indication it should be my sink~
And, who could beat the price for Kohler???

Here's the soon to be vanity...

It's the perfect size to fit in the small space - it's vintage, so it will match the house and it's carved wood, to match all the other furniture I've collected and incorporated...

This pic is from last year -
Before I realized that good pics are important to tell a good story~ lol

It has 'beautiful' details and everything I would wish to match the house...!

Right now, this piece of wooden art, soon to be 'bathroom vanity' is being housed in my bedroom corner. And, its current purpose is to 'make-shift' hold my tv...

Once this 'soon-to-be' bathroom vanity is out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, my 'Ohhh, la, la' chair will be put in its place. It's just kind of chaos right now in the back of this house...

And, here is a mirror I found by complete accident, at the thrift store for $10.

It matches the 'soon-to-be' bathroom vanity...

Deep breath here even daring to share this next series of pics...

Here is what I currently work with ~ The 1960's (?) Sears and Roebuck, broken, used and abused 'retro' vanity. Complete with a blue sink that doesn't match any other blue in the bathroom~ lol

~Just click "Read More" below, to "Read More" of this mis-adventure~!

It could be worse...

It could be that I just didn't have one, so I am thankful for this 'Ugly Creature,' but that doesn't stop it from DRIVING ME BATSHIT CRAZY~!

We have a blue, vintage tub that doesn't match the tile (I can work with this though...)

We have a blue sink that doesn't match the blue tub...

We even have a blue toilet ~ I refer to it as "The Blue Goose," that doesn't match the blue tub, or the blue sink, or the blue carpet, or the blue walls - And then... I nabbed that little bench at a thrift store for $2 that doesn't match any of the other blue's...

But, it fits perfect under the window & I do plan to redo it soon...

I am a Woman of Vision, I just never have a plan of attack~ I'm gonna wing it...

Yep, that is my new vanity top leaning there against the wall, because leaning upwards, against the wall is a good place for a vanity top ~ right?...
~ Oy' Vey~!

The vanity counter & the flooring...

Yes, I had help picking it out from the "man-child"... He didn't want white, but neither did I really. So, we went for a flagstone look vinyl flooring and I have no idea what the counter is - I gave up. I'm indecisive. I sent him in to the hardware store and told him to do it, to knock himself out on picking it out. I gave up!

I looked at pictures for 8 months and couldn't figure out what I might want...
It was time to bow out gracefully and let the man take over -

I'm ok with it. I think it will be pretty on the soon-to-be vanity. I think he done good. His only rules were "No Blue" and "No Peach"... And, do your best please, to make it work with the flooring please...

And yes... This bathroom is this bright when the sun hits it ~ it just GAGS ME~!
It actually makes my blonde hair look a shade of purple some days ~ lol

There is such a thing as TOO MUCH BLUE ~ people...

Here is the gun cabinet I purchased for $25, that has carved wood, for the towel cabinet that will go above the comode. The man child has since added some really awesome crown molding and carved moldings to it, to doll it up, it's just in a dark shed right now, so pics aren't a possibility at this moment...

It is the exact dimensions to fit, once it's finished..

Everytime I start to get discouraged, start to feel "blue"... ha, ha... I go visit this blog  http://frenchcountrycottage.blogspot.com/2011/09/romantic-bathroom.html 

And, it reaffirms that there is an ending to a bathroom remodel someday.
And, a bathroom remodel can turn out beautiful, eventually...

Got any great words of wisdom, or advice for me on this grand adventure I plan to embark on as soon as I can get the "Man-Child" on board?

What do you think of beadboard going 2/3 up the walls -
What do you think I should do to the walls?
(DO NOT SAY 'PAINT THEM BLUE'... I won't like you anymore ~ lol)


I'm extraordinarily patient,

provided I get my own way in the end!

~Margaret Thatcher~


  1. Just in case you want to keep the blue..lol...



    1. Oh, dear God... It is just like walking into my 'blue' bathroom~! And, I thought you were my best friend \=
      Seriously ~ it's driving me mad ~ MAD, I tell ya~!
      If I had one wish, I wish to be the Geanie on Bewitched. Where I could just 'wiggle my nose' and what I wanted would be completed.
      I would look like I had a twitch, wiggling my nose all day~!

  2. I just found your blog and couldn't believe this post on your blue's in the bathroom. I myself have one of those lovely blue tubs. ha. I am almost done remodeling the bathroom! yeah me. Since I didn't want to spend a fortune on a new tub and the hassle of removing it. I kept it. I put up tongue and groove and painted it white. I got done painting it today and tomorrow I (actually, husband), will install the toilet and pedestal sink tomorrow. Fingers crossed, once I decorate it I can pull off a vintage look.

    Sorry, I've rattled on. I got so excited to see this post because I have looked forever to see if I could find some decorating ideas to go with the "blue tub". I couldn't, so I just decided to do my best I could. I will be looking forward to seeing your bathroom remodel! I'm guessing your keeping the tub, since you said you could work with it?


    1. Oh Lindy...
      Thank you for your comment. You don't know how happy I am to know I'm not all alone in the world of the "blue tub" fiasco... lol
      It is a nightmare trying to figure out a remodel around something of this color. Please, let me see your pics for ideas. I'm so excited to know my "blue tub" has others of its species and it's not close to extinct~!
      You give me hope girl...
      Have a Great Day and congrats on being so close to completion on your bathroom. Sadly, I'm still not really started ~ lol

    2. Yes, I will try to figure out how to send you some pics! I'm not the most computer savvy. Actually, I thought the toilet and sink were going in today but my husband has sealed the grout today. So will have to wait till tomorrow for that.

      I know, I instantly bonded with you because of the blue tub. haha.

      I am trying to find some lace curtains for the window but no luck so far. I may have to order some online.

      I will send you some pics when I get it done. Probably next week by the time I get everything done. :)


    3. Oh girl... I look forward to seeing those pics~!
      What kind of lace curtains? Lace? I know this lady that has a lace curtain hoard that would make you think I'm insane. I have lace curtains EVERYWHERE. Even stuffed in the backs of some of my kitchen cupboards ~ is that considered 'hoarding'? You give me dimensions and an idea of what you're looking for and I probably have some. I can certainly mail them out, provided, I can pry my little white fingers off them. I have such a hard time parting with curtains ~ lol (I'm attached!)
      Or, we could perhaps have twin bathrooms? If you scroll down my blog, you'll see the French curtains I'm drooling over... lol~
      A definite bonding session has occured with the mere mention of a blue tub & now lace curtains ~ yay!
      Hoping you get your bathroom done on schedule ~ hell, hoping mine gets started soon... lol

    4. Hey, I actually found a lace curtain at a flea market today! It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but it will work. I may even like them better once I get it up. Toilet is yet to be put in. See? I told you next week I may get it completed because something always comes up. It's been a slow process. Last night we did put in the cabinet and the sink and the sink light. I was giddy with excitement just seeing those put in. ha.

      I did look your blog over the first time I came here and did see those curtains your drooling over. ha. Very pretty.

      I hope my bathroom doesn't disappoint. And you think, OMG that girl can't decorate. I feel the pressure now. ha. It is definitely not going to be anything fancy. My bathroom is very small. And sadly the main bathroom.

      I'm having a hard time thinking of decorations for it. I'm going brown/bronze accents to go with the blue and I need a little bit of blue decorations to blend with the tub. But gee, its hard to find anything blue at all. That part may take a while, till I can go antiquing. :)

      To say I have stressed over picking out stuff is an understatement! The floor was the worst. I put down a very light beige/taupe colored tile and didn't even think about what color to use for the grout. My husband used a mocha color (name on the grout). At first I felt like crying over it (I know, pathetic). And that is where I came up with the idea to use some brown tones. Gee. Sorry, I'm rattling again. But I promise I will email you some pics when its done! :)

      I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your bathroom!


  3. Glad you found a lace curtain~!

    I happened to find a blue enamelware pitcher for my little bench when it's done. It's actually the same color as the tub, which is amazing because I can't even find a paint chip at any of the hardware stores with a color of this tub ~ lol

    Wish you luck with your completion and decorating. Hoping I get started soon... lol
    Have a Great rest of the weekend Lindy~!


    1. My internet is acting up, so hope I can finish this!

      You lucky thing, finding that enamelware pitcher! After reading your blog you seem to be a very lucky person. ha.

      I did go to flea markets Saturday and couldn't find a single blue thing! I have also brought a ton of paint chips home and have none to match my blue tub.

      I'm almost there! I need to paint the door and put in the light fixture. I also need a towel rack. May run and get that after work tomorrow.

      I have decided at this point that the only blue I'm only going to have is the towels (not a perfect match), a candle and I got so desperate I actually bought some bath salts that are blue and put them in a wire canning jar. ha.

      I need to redo the hem on the curtain. I did it quickly last night and hung it and it looks like crap. I didn't get my hem even and the hem is to big. Sigh. I'm getting there. :)

    2. lol Lindy... This 'vintage/retro' blue color in these old bathrooms are a challenge...!
      And yep ~ I am an extremely lucky person. I have an awesome relationship with the law of attraction...
      Lucky you on almost being finished with the hard part~!
      *Hint on the hem on a lace curtain - use a HOT iron to get it straight before you sew it. Unless you're working with polyester lace and if so, good luck on that one - lol*
      I was considering going with only blue towels, the blue tub and the blue enamelware picture and that's all the blue too!
      We think alike...

    3. I told you I'm not the most computer savvy! I was going to email you the pics of my bathroom, but when I click on your email link a window popped up. Something about default mail not set up. I have no clue what that means. Could you post your email in comments so I can send them to you? Thanks! :)


  4. When you clicked my email link, it tried to access your default email account. Like Microsoft Outlook, or Outlook Express. It couldn't find a default one on your computer, so it didn't have the ability to email me... I think...
    Email to: nhcjen@hotmail.com
    Excited to see the pics~!


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