Friday, April 19, 2013

Swayzee's Carseat Cover & a Crocheted Edge Blanket are done~!

First, I have to share this...
Meet my 2 year old little Granddaughter Saige -
Today is her 2nd Birthday~!
(Swayzee is her 'soon to be born' little sister)

She's all dressed (dressed herself of course, complete with her shoes on the wrong feet) and she's ready for her birthday party. She even went and got her daddy's deodorant and "sniffed" her armpits to make sure'~ lol
She is a character!

If her soon-to-be-here little Swayzee sister is anything like Saige,
~life will never be boring~
But, momma will have her hands full~!!!

The good news is, I'm ready for Ms. Swayzee to arrive...
I spent all day yesterday working on little "Swayzee's" carseat cover. I can't believe it took me longer than the quilt~!

Alot of interference going on, on the side too, with the construction company, but I did it~

Not only that, I somehow found the time to make one final, flannel blanket with a crocheted edge. I was in my rocking recliner just crocheting as fast as my little fingers would manuever trying to complete.

I set a goal of being done with the layette by Monday, but I was on such a good vibe, I upped my deadline and completed 3 days early. Besides, Saige's Birthday party is tonight and I needed to get her gift wrapped and  perfect.

These two sisters 'Saige' & 'Swayzee's' birthdays will be less than 7 days apart as they grow up together...!

Again, my house is so dark it doesn't show the beauty in the pics and without a 'car seat/carrier' to stage it on, you'll just have to use your imaginations as to what it will look like on the carseat, but it was a joy to make...

I use this pattern for simplicity on measurements - I've tried a few and always revert back to this one, as it seems to fit any carseat/carrier for a newborn for some reason...

Thank You Calli @ "Make It Do Blogspot" ~ !

I've used your pattern for about 20 covers now and there have been no failures~!

Of course, it's a 'rag' type carseat cover, to match the quilt~!

Up close shot of the little velcro handles that attach to the handle of the carrier/carseat, to form the tent.

Up close shot of the fabric flower on the top of the velcro handle...

And, for these little fabric flowers I just LOVE to add to different sewing projects, I use this pattern...

Thank you Dawn from "Sweet Simple Things, So Ritzy Titzy Blogspot" ~ !

Your fabric flowers are "ADORABLE," I've made dozens to add to my creations, over the last few years~!

And, here is the cute, flannel, crocheted edge blanket
to add to the layette I finished like a speed deamon last night.

And, to make it so, so easy to crochet an edge around something, I discovered this little nifty blade last year. It attaches to my rotary cutter and I just zip it along and it puts the holes in the fabric for me.
No more trying to shove a small crochet needle through thick fabric.
This little neat blade is one of my greatest finds~!

My daughter can now have the baby ~!

But, probably best to get Saige's Birthday party done,

so try to hold off at least 1 more day...


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