Friday, April 19, 2013

Ms. Boo's Birthday Present~ We're ready for the party~!

We are now prepared to attend this little "bear bottoms" <see previous post>  Birthday Party~!

Her fun little 2-year-old packages are perfectly wrapped in pastel zoo animal print paper and tucked neatly into this cute, cute gift bag I found at the dollar store. Sometimes, it amazes me the fun stuff they get in for only a buck...

I couldn't resist the little "Happy Birthday Crown" she can wear with her 'shoes on the wrong feet'... lol
~Also a dollar store find, of course!~

My cute little Boohoo deserves just a cute a' birthday present from Grandma & Grandpa...

I sure hope she let her momma dress her to go get the Birthday Party supplies...
If not, her little 'bare bum' is probably cold, as it's chilly outside ~ lol
<See previous post for explanation...>

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