Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it ~ Aristotle~

I was a "Late Bloomer" this morning...

In fact, it's 10:49 & I'm still sitting here in my housecoat~!

I feel as though I'm stuck in time waiting for this new grandbaby to arrive. I'm scared to start anything, or finish anything right now. I'm just 'on edge'. I think it's part of being a Mom & Grandma~ the worry over our children & grandchildren. I just want her here, so the worrying about my daughter can subside...

So, I stayed in bed late~
I figure if I got a late start, I could quit early to make up for it...

Actually, I was laying there, trying to daydream, but my mind wandered off ~ SCARY!

What was the purpose of my wandering?

Well, I went on a shoe buying campaign last year and I have never worn them... I have no clue why I bought them, but I was wandering, devising a plan to enjoy them.

Here's one pair...

I didn't even DARE put on both and try to stand last year. They're nearly as tall as my size 5 feet are in length + I'm scared of heights!

Wouldn't it be awesome to put these on ~ with someone there to hold me up of course~ go saddle one of my great steeds and go for a horse ride down the highway?

I could dress in flannel jammies & my bright orange hunting jacket + paint my toenails bright blue~!
(Of course, that would mean changing out of my housecoat)

Wow, see how~
"It is the mark of an educated mind
to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it"

It's just a little brisk this morning
 to ride a horse without socks on~!

"But, Life is Short, so BUY THE SHOES..."



  1. Those are so cute! I have a pair of shoes that I just stand in, they have never seen the outdoors- lol. I am stopping by from the Newbie Bloggers Club.


  2. Girl, I went on my first 'mid-life' thing last year... I would call it a 'crisis,' but usually when it's a crisis, you flag down a passing motorist, so I'm sticking with 'thing' in case it turns out just to be normal later... lol
    I bought 6 pair like this ~ some are totally insane. They're just all lined up in my closet, I don't know why... I wear boots every day.
    I still can't figure out the meaning of the high heel shoes, nor why I made the purchases, but they look pretty~!


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