Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crocheted edge curtain panels to throw pillows...

I was going through my linen cabinet and came upon these cute, little, curtain panels with a crocheted edge.
Of course, I have 10 throw pillows I picked up at a yard sale from a lady that was going to make some homemade Christmas presents and never got around to it. They were all the perfect size to go together, so I turned the 2, crocheted edge curtain panels into throw pillows...

Pillows just came out of the dryer, so they are lumpy~!

The curtain panels are both folded in half in the pic - it seriously was a perfect marriage...

I trimmed the curtain rod end off the panels...

I done a 'French Seam' along the outside edges...

Here's what it looks like before I turned it 'right side out'...

I dug through all my buttons and found a couple with a little wire eye on the back, so I could safety pin them on. I wanted to safety pin the buttons on, so it closes the pillow edge, but so I could still take the buttons off and wash the pillow covers...

Little known fact about me ~ I hoard buttons too~!
Actually, buttons are so hard to come by nowadays (and in this rural area) that when I'm at yard sales, or the thrift stores, I keep an eye on the clothes. If I see an article of clothing I like, I buy it, just for the buttons - lol
(I can cut the clothing up later for quilt blocks, or crazy quilting...)

There are times, at the thrift store, I buy something and at the cash register (if I don't like the material), I cut the buttons off and donate the clothing back. I walk out feeling vindicated - and they never reject the donation of clothing back to them ~ lol

See, cute little, crocheted edge throw pillows~!
These took me about 30 min. to make, if that...

I could even string a little ribbon through the small crocheted strip and pull it tight and make a tootsie roll type pillow later, to change things up a bit. 

And, if I ever wanted to use them for curtains in the future (doubtful - I have lots and lots of curtains ~ yes, I'm a curtain hoarder too!), then I could just unpick the hems and resew a rod pocket and hang them...

I luv curtains & I luv throw pillows...
So, why not merge them together and make
 'Curtain panel throw pillows' ???


  1. Cute, cute, cute! :)


  2. I'm on a pillow making marathon... lol
    This is what happens when I'm left home alone -

  3. These turned out Lovely! If I could be left Home Alone for a length of time without interruption... with The Man and the G-Kid Force occupied elsewhere so that I wasn't running damage control behind them all... there are so many Projects I'd be totally immersed in and I might actually FINISH something too?!? Well... maybe, if the Menopausal fueled ADHD didn't kick in! *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. "Menopausal fueled ADHD" lolololol ~ rofl...
      I love it~!!!
      Thanks for the new material & the laugh... lol
      I can TOTALLY relate...
      Hope you have a great day~!


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