Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bella Notte inspired pillow covers...

You didn't really think I would stop with the crocheted edge curtain panel to throw pillows did you?

After all, it's just me and my multiple personalities here & home alone for the week. Heck, the sewing machine is all set up. I haven't vacuumed up the strings from the crocheted edge pillows. Why not keep going, right?

How about some "Bella Notte" inspired pillows to go with the crocheted edge pillows...

Last week I decided I was going to make some cushions for my kitchen bench seats. I searched high and low in town and couldn't find any old, vintage drapes (I wanted ivory)... Then, I had this epiphany. My daughter had a bunch of huge drapes in her old house when she moved in. She thought they looked 'old lady'ish' and immediately took them down. At this point, I was slapping myself. How in the world did I ever let any curtains slide by me?

This was a couple years ago that she changed her curtains. Would she still have the old drapes? Why didn't I grab them sooner? Where were they? I text'd her... She replied that she thought her husband threw them away after a yardsale. Threw them away? Oh the TRAJEDY~!

I was bummed...
How could anybody throw away curtains? Especially old curtains... Yardage and yardage of thick, old, drape type curtains... She texted back that they were still in the basement ~ Yay!

They were the old kind of drapes. The kind you put the sharp metal hooks in and put on the kind of rod that you pull the string and they open and close (because I am brain dead right now and can't remember the name of it...) They are the old HEAVY curtains.

I was excited and it only took me an hour to pull out all the sharp hooks. When I washed them, they came out beautiful and soft. When they went into the washer, they were rough (starched in a previous life?)...

Then, I realized, they were possibly linen. Or, something like it. Heck, I don't know - they're just soft...
<Yes, I'm smiling because I'm not so smart this late at night>

They turned out to be a little too 'beige' to match my kitchen, so I'll still be hunting for ivory vintage curtain panels for the kitchen cushions, but these drapes match my bedroom~ !
And you know that made the bedroom pillow redo continue...

I cut about 1/4 of 1 of the 4 panels into two pillow case size covers and then added an 8" ruffle. I used french seams again so they won't fray when they're washed...

And "Walla"~~~ !

"Bella Notte" inspired pillow covers. 
And, they're soft. And they're pretty. 
And, they cost me NOTHING...

And, I have plenty of yardage left to make a quilted throw for the end of the bed...

And, enough yardage left to make some curtains to hide the strange space the man-child left above the closet (between the closet and the ceiling) when he built it. It drives me 'batshit crazy' and it's time to 'cover it up'...

*Not even going to show that space above the closet, until it's covered...*
It is that bad~!!!

And, I'll have enough yardage left 

to make a few more pillows, so stay tuned~!!!


  1. Your Creations are Beautiful and I'm still Smiling about your reference to being Home with you and your multiple personalities... I can so relate to that statement!!! *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Seriously Dawn,
      I have a 'mid-life' thing going on about weekly. With it, comes the complete 180 personality change. Sometimes, I look in the mirror and I'm just clueless who is looking back. And, sometimes she's mad and has scowl lines - lol

  2. I have been looking at your old posts and am enchanted with the pillows you've made. I have been saving old draperies and bed skirts and such forever! Now I know what to do with it. Just had to say I love your ideas and blog. Will be your newest follower if it's compatible with my ability to follow (I don't do facebook and that type following)


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