Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Highway 101 - Southern Oregon... (Day 4 - Thanksgiving Day)

We ventured off of Highway 101 for a Thanksgiving Day adventure to Ada Station.
From the Jesse M. Honeyman Memorial State Park, we went East on Canary Road to Ada Station aka: (Ada Fishing Resort)...

I think we accidentally found paradise~!

Everything was so pretty and so green...

We were driving along an old rail road track - there was a cross roads at this old rail road car and we chose to keep traveling East up 'Canary Road'... At this point we were speculating that "Ada Station" may have something to do with the rail road, but we were clueless. We were just on an adventure...

It was the tall stands of timber and all of the green that the 'Man-Child' was chasing. He always finds beautiful, out of the way places off of the beaten path to explore. We're both adventurous that way.

Can you just imagine sitting on that old bench under those HUGE pine trees. He paused for a moment and long enough for me to snap a picture because he was imagining it...

The road to 'Ada Station' was a newly paved road. It wound around through a beautiful little canyon with lots of trees, water and greenery.

There were lots of past timber jobs that had taken place in the area and being a logger who still owns a small sawmill, the 'Man-Child' was in his element. He grew up sawing logs at his dads sawmill and being a logger for his dad's lumber company in Central Utah and he was also a cutter for Kaibab Industry's in Southern Utah and Stoltz Aspen Mill. He loves the big timber. This trip to Ada Station was his perfect adventure.

Ada Oregon is an unincorporated community that was founded in 1892. It is a fishing resort on the East side of Siltcoos Lake. The community was named for Miss Ada Wilkes, daughter of Benjamin and Jaretta Wilkes, longtime residents of the area. 

We found ourselves winding our way along the shore of Siltcoos Lake, on Ada Station Road which had now turned into a small, 1 lane road along the shore. I have no clue what we would have done had we run into someone on this road. Somebody would have had to back up to a wide spot to let the other vehicle pass. It was that skinny. But, it was so beautiful~!

There was a lot of birds in the area; ducks, cranes, geese, you name it. The lake was quiet of any human presence and teaming with wildlife. It was gorgeous. The 'Man-Child' and I both joked about selling out and just moving here, but in hindsight, I think we would get water logged from all of the rain.

 This adventure was one of those back road turns that is note-worthy and Ada Station should probably have it's own place on the map, but I understand the lack of publicity considering it's a skinny one-lane road down a lake shore and high populations of tourist traffic would ruin all of its charm.

Right before you get to "Ada Fishing Resort," you come up a hill and a turn that's beautifully green with a rail road crossing sign.

Then, you come to the rail road tracks with a huge rail road trestle that goes across a bay on Siltcoos Lake.

We got out the binoculars and scanned the shoreline from the rail road tracks. There are little fishing cottages dotting the shoreline along Siltcoos Lake, but we couldn't see any roads into, or out of them. I wonder if they get to them in boats and canoe's?

We turned around at Ada Fishing Resort "Ada Station," to head back to North Bend for Thanksgiving dinner. This road ended at Ada Resort.

The ride was just as beautiful going back to Highway 101, although it took us a couple hours to get to Ada Station and only about 20 minutes to get back to Highway 101.

It was getting later in the afternoon and the rain was starting to pour again. You could hear that the crashing of the waves on the ocean was getting harder and louder from outside the pickup.

We were on our way back to "The Mill Casino" in North Bend to get something to eat. They were advertising a Thanksgiving Buffet, so we thought we would go check it out and then, we had a free admission to Shore Acre's State Park for the lighting of the holiday Christmas light show after dark...

The adventure continues with our trip to Shore Acres State Park in the next blog post...

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