Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I just don't think he can handle the change...

I've been so busy today. I've been trying to get to this all day, because it's cute~

So, this morning, it's the typical; I'm pretending I'm asleep, so Mr. Mooch can pretend he wakes me up to put him out, right?

Well, the 'Man-Child' is home - it's wonderful because he gets up before me. It's not wonderful because Mooch is so obstinate...

I can hear the 'Man-Child'... 
He says, "Don't wake mom up - come here Mooch, I'll put you out..." 

Nope - Mooch has another plan. He skedaddles to my room. As usual, I can hear him coming with those big, Clydesdale feet he has. "Clomp," "Clomp," "Clomp," I know he skedaddled because the pace quickened, "clomp-clomp-clomp..."Around the bottom of the bed and up my side of the bed... 

There was no point pretending I was asleep and wondering what he would do to me. So, I just waited with my eyes open, directed at the side of the bed Mooch always chooses to wake me up on...

Mooch lays his head on the bed staring at me... Pleading with me to get up... I asked him, "What is wrong Mr. Mooch?" "Why don't you go out with the other dogs for the 'Man-Child' in the morning?" 

He takes a deep breath and licks my arm. He just lays there getting petted gently, getting loved on, getting his one-on-one attention. By the look in his eyes and the expression on his face, 
~I just don't think he can handle the change...~

So, I get up and put my housecoat on and he taxi's me to the kitchen door. Right before he goes out, he pauses right under my hand. He rubs his head against my hand and rubs up against the left side of my body.

"Thanks Mom..."

"You're Welcome, Mr. Mooch..."


  1. Awwww, you got me! Their love and trust is amazing. You know how to tell a story.

    1. lol ~ Mr. Mooch is 'One of a Kind' and a very, very, stubborn animal~!


  2. Oh, so love this post, so sweet. "Clydesdale feet", lol.

    1. Mr. Mooch's feet are HUGE!
      And, they're kind of pigeon toe'd... lol
      He cannot sneak. His feet won't allow it. He just sort of clomps everywhere. He kind of looks like a big bear walking toward you with really big feet.
      He gets away with nothing - those feet always give him away.


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