Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lacemaker Prayers...

Guide my hands with speed and grace
To weave the intricacies of this lace.
Let the bobbins weave with ease
To create a pattern that will please.

Let there be Love in its creation
And give it Artistry in its inspiration.
May special Care keep the threads from breaking
And give me Energy for its making.

Allow this lace to bring joy and pleasure
And give to others a lifelong treasure. 

I rolled over in bed this morning to this sight... 

A heaping mound of beautiful old lace piled in my bedroom window next to this candelabra... 

I had been rummaging through my lace hoard the day prior, piled it all in the window and moved on to other things.  

I'm glad I didn't get it put away... It was a wonderful sight to wake up to this morning...

I love old lace and I've found the secret to keeping the threads pliable and soft is to use it often. 

Lord, let me grow old like beautiful lace, cherished and treasured and cared for with grace...

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  1. What a beautiful prayer and wonderful photos of your lace. I feel the same way you makes me feel happy and content to have elegant old lace in my home. Enjoy your evening my friend! Sweet hugs!

  2. Sweetie, did you write that wonderful poem? I loved it! Your collection of lace is amazing! I only have little bits and pieces. Where or where to find such lovelies? Thanks so much for sharing with SYC. What a lovely sight to wake up to!

    1. Nope - I didn't write it... I don't know who did either?
      I've had the 'prayer' floating around here for ages. I apologize that I should have noted ~anonymous~ at the end...
      I've found a lot of my lace at yard sales and D.I. I can always tell when someone has donated their granny's lot of lace to Deseret Industries and I'm always so happy to find it and bring it home and add it to my collection... I've also acquired some of it from our local antique shop. I have some really OLD pieces that I picked up for pennies. I just have a knack for sniffing out old lace ~ lol...

  3. Beautiful photo! I like your curtain and the candelabra, too. I used to see piles like that at thrift stores but not anymore. It is a lost art.

    1. I remember the piles and piles. Now, it's quite a day to find just one for a good price. Even just a solitary doily is getting challenging to sniff out...
      Things just aren't the way they used to be and I wish some of that 'used to be' would come back...


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