Friday, January 31, 2014

Mom ~ Mom, Mom, Mommmm... Hey Lady, listen to Me~!


Guess What???

It snowed~!

I went out to feed my little mob and the horses and well, 
Charlie isn't too impressed with this white stuff...

He wasn't paying attention at first, he was just worried about food like the rest of them.

 I was walking back from filling their troughs and he gave me that 'perked up' look. That 'we gotta have a talk' stare and starting walking over to me...

 Let's be honest... 
Charlie is NOT a patient animal...

He wants what he wants right now. 

He won't wait...

He'll pester me until he gets his own way ~ 

Right Now!

I already knew what his problem was ~ ~ ~

He is upset about the snow. 

He is wet, muddy and not very impressed with it....

Hey Mom... 

Can you believe it snowed?

Would you put down that phone mom and listen to me...





I'm not laughing because it snowed on you Charlie... 

I know you're wet, muddy and mad Charlie...

I'm laughing at you because it's hard to take you serious with a piece of hay hanging out of your mouth like that.



  1. Love it....what a face!!!! I love Charlie...can he come in the house.

    1. I'm betting if you wanted to, you could 'house train' an alpaca because they use the same dung pile over and over again until it is as high as their behind ~ lol...
      Now, my 'Charlie' AINT coming in the house, but you're welcome to take another Charlie into your house if you would like??/
      Post pics if you do - I want to see an alpaca sitting on the couch.

  2. Hi, just found your blog from Dandelion House. Charlie is very cute, and funny. :)


  3. Aww, poor thing. Wet cold and humiliated across the blog hop! LOL Cute.

  4. He seems quite the character! ha


  5. Are alpacas smart? Affectionate? He is cute! You write very well.

    1. They are very smart. And, very expressive. It's not hard to figure out what they want.
      In a strange way, they're affectionate. Not like a dog, or a cat, but in their own way they attach.
      Charlie is VERY attached to me. He follows me around like my puppy. My 3 year old Grandson LOVES HIM... lol


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