Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'll be cloned for Christmas...

As your scrolling through, imagine this song playing in your head to get you in the 
"Christmas Spirit"

~I'll Be Cloned for Christmas~

(To the melody I'll be home for Christmas...)

I'll be Cloned for Christmas...
(Ha, Ha ~ everybody would hide if there were more than 1 of me...)

There will be 3 of me...

(I would have so much fun with 2 more Me's~!.)

One to work and one to shop 

And one just for some quiet thought...

Christmas Eve I'm certain...

I won't be alone~~~

I'll be home for Christmas~~~

Or else I'll send a Clone~!!!


***I have no idea where this song came from ~ whomever came up with it... ***



Well, the Christmas decorating has started and there will be more to come. I picked up a couple of old Christmas trees at the thrift store just for the pine boughs. 

($10 for about 40 lbs. worth or fake pine boughs - it's a no brainer!) 

I'll be wiring them all together tomorrow and doing a redo on some cheap garland I got there too. So, stay tuned for the Merry, Merry that's soon to come in the next few days~!

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  1. Doesn't your chandy look pretty for the holidays! I love your decorations...you always give me such good ideas! Happy holidays my friend!


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