Friday, October 4, 2013

The Salvage & Demo is in full swing...

I am TIRED~!

We got lucky and the asbestos removal was minimal, so it bought us an extra 6 days in the contract to really strip & salvage these homes before the demo begins...

Monday, I went with the "Man-Child" on the truck. We left Central Utah at 3:30 am and delivered sheetrock in Centerville, UT. Then, we bumped to Ogden, UT for a load of bagged, palleted animal feed to deliver to 4 dairy's in central Utah. Our final drop was at the "Man-Child's" cousins dairy and we unloaded ourselves at 2:30 am. Were we running legal? Oh, hardly, but we were able to squeeze in one last load before the demo began. The next morning the man-child went to a pre-construction meeting and they told us we could start 6 days early. Start? We were exhausted from the delivery the following day, but we started...

Tuesday morning about 10:30 am, we arrived with all of our tools and a 3 man work crew. We had to scour the area to find some help. We weren't suppose to start until October 8, so we weren't prepared. We made a deal with some of our neighbors. They were allowed to strip the newest, largest home and keep whatever they wanted for helping us salvage the nice aluminum roof and the pella windows. Me, the man-child and a friend started stripping the old house with the awesome hardwood doors and ornate brass door handles, while 2 other guys started on the other house... We took off all of the exterior storm doors and the yard lights first.Then, we started on the interior doors I wanted.

I only need 4 of these doors for my old house. We took down 17 all together and they are HEAVY~!

I have no clue what I'm going to do with 17 doors, but all of the hardware is beautiful and old and they are all in excellent condition. Yes, I carried 17 hardwood doors up and down stairs and out to the trailer myself ~ yay me!
The hinges are really pretty too, but of course I forgot to get pics before I took them down~ ugh... 

We are really hurrying to salvage all we can and the timeline in my head keeps me running and taking pics gets pushed to the sidelines...

Of course I salvaged all of the window cornices and the vintage drapes throughout the old house... 6 garbage bags full and a truck load of cornices and hardware~!

The young crew that done the asbestos removal were milking the clock and they stuck around and helped me with all of the drapes in trade for all of the vintage lights in the house and doughnuts. It's amazing what kind of labor you can get out of men when you provide a couple dozen doughnuts. 

This girl aint dumb~!

Wednesday, we pulled all of the windows out of the old house...

I was impressed... It only took a couple hours to remove 13 windows.. They were sold as soon as they hit the ground. Not only are we getting paid to do this, but we're turning some nice cash from passerby's...

This old house is so old, that there's no insulation... (oh - cold!)

Actually, there are 2 layers of brick... Inside of this old brick you can see is a layer of even older, sandstone brick. The home is older than we thought and was a bear to heat. There wasn't a lot of salvage on this home besides the old, old, hardwood doors, because of its age and all of the kitchen cabinets and appliances had been auctioned off previously by the school district. The roof is so steep, we're going to use an excavator to peel off the shiny silver aluminum roofing and salvage what we can for our sheep sheds and the rest will be sold to the recycler... We intend to keep all of the brick off of both homes. We're just going to take it to a piece of our property and dump it in a pile for now. We'll sell it later, when time permits.

When we got finished prepping the old house for demo, which only took us 2 days, we moved to the newer of the 2 homes. I call the newer of the two homes the "retro house"... It must have been built in the early 60's (?) Very retro inside. I wasn't interested in anything in the interior of the newer 'retro' home. It was really nice, but too retro for me with the hollow core maple doors and pink bathrooms - lol

The neighbors helping us didn't mind. They gutted the 'retro home' in about a day and a half. They even salvaged the pink bathroom fixtures for their personal remodel projects...

When I got my old doors out of the old home, I started pulling pavers and landscaping bricks and stacking them on pallets. While I was moving a pallet of pavers out of the way, I bumped the cinderblock wall with the loader and it fell over with such grace that it only broke about 10 blocks. They just fell over gently. The man-child clapped. Little did he know that I didn't mean to bump the wall, it was a complete accident, but I enjoyed the jeers and the fact the whole crew was impressed. I actually cringed when it fell. I was ready to jump out of the loader and yell, "I'm so sorry" instead, I just smiled and gloated. I spent Wednesday afternoon stacking 5 pallets of landscape pavers, brick paths and some of these cinderblocks. I have about 8 more pallets of blocks to stack and all of the landscaping bricks will be salvaged for transport ~ yay!

Thank heavens for happy accidents~!
(And, I'm going to stay out of the loader, for fear the next accident doesn't have such a happy ending)
*Big smile*
I have 'accidental talent' at times... Lets just let the 'man folk' think I did it on purpose *wink*

The man-child has started referring to his crew as "The Beavers" - my hell those guys can work fast... They gutted the 'retro house' in practically a day. Carpet, cabinets, drawers, lights, trim ~ it's been attacked by "The Beavers" and removed from the premises... They even stripped all of the crown molding in the kitchen and dining room~ When you consider that 2 pieces of hard wood moulding can cost upwards of $100, a house full is worth the effort. We're just happy to have it gone. It's less weight to take to the landfill and pay to dump. Happy those guys can reuse it in their own homes.

A really awesome surprise happened when they got the carpet out, but it was short lived. The whole retro-house was full of tongue and groove, new, hardwood flooring. But, it had been glued and nailed and trying to get it up, to salvage and reuse posed impossible - darn...

It just ended up being one of those awesome things you have to walk away from due to time constraints. It would have been quite neat to have a whole house worth of salvaged hard wood flooring. You win some, you lose some, I suppose...

The whole 'retro-house' was full of built in cupboards, dressers, vanity's and bureaus too... 'The Beavers' were allowed to keep them all, but 2 closet bureaus. They took them out for my closet and the rest was theirs~!

All of the built in cupboards were really pretty before the demo started, but alas, I forgot to take pics. I was just in a hurry. This is what they all look like now that 'The Beavers' have attacked - lol

Can you believe there were 5 loads of drawers like these out of the retro house?
I'm so sick of looking at drawers... This is the last load, sitting on the front porch and nobody wants them. 
I'm really considering walking them out to the curb tomorrow afternoon with a sign on them that says, "Need a drawer ~ take one," just to get rid of the remainder of them.

I think all together, there were 56 drawer that needed to find a home. I am really tired of drawers~!

Thursday, I got a break. I got to put all of my old doors in the shed. So, I got to move 17 hard wood doors again by myself. Well, actually, I got to drag 17 hardwood doors to the shed. Lifting at this point is not working for me. I'm beat and my whole body hurts...

*Ssshhhh ~ don't tell the guys... !*

They think I'm super-woman ~ I refuse to let them know I've been defeated by 17 hardwood doors and pallets and pallets of stacked brick... 
Oh, my heavens I'm worn out...

 But, I did get Thursday afternoon off, to do my laundry and get some temporary nursery beds prepared at my house for all of the roses, petunias, hostas, lillies etc., to get dug up and moved over here... The Beavers kept salvaging and the man-child and a good friend transported more equipment to the demo site to get ready for the demo part of the job.

This morning (Friday,) I got to take it easy, drink coffee and breath for a couple hours. The Beavers and the man-child started salvaging the aluminum roof on the 'retro house' and I'm scared of heights, so I just refused to help with that... I have been so worried about getting those aluminum shingles down. We have been having some cold, snowy kind of weather. It would be impossible to strip that roof with snow sitting on it. It would be way too slippery. So, they got to work on that roof early, while I sat home, in my housecoat and slippers drinking coffee. Sometimes, it's just awesome to be the boss, if only in my own mind...

Here is 3 of the crew. John seems to always be sitting on the chimney when I look. I told him I was heading to my truck to get a whip! Every time I show up, they all hurry. I hear, "Ah oh, the boss is here"... 

John is on the chimney (as usual...) Doug is in the middle. I think he's showing me his IQ (flipping me off) they're such gentlemen. And, the man-child is on the right, staring off into space as usual. Seriously though, I got there about 3 hours after they started and they had 3 sides of this big, aluminum roof, stripped &
I was so impressed~!

Yep, John is still sitting on the chimney, while the man-child is still staring off in space... Doug looks like he may take flight - (he might still be flipping me off?)... And, I'm missing one of my crew in the pics ~ Gregory... I don't know where he is? I think he's the hardest worker, but he's missing... Sorry Greg that you're absent from the pics. I can't find you???

Pallets and pallets of salvaged aluminum roofing all around the house. And,  pallets and pallets of bricks I stacked myself all around the yard...

I got a few temporary garden beds tilled up and prepared for all of the landscaping that I can save while it was snowing on me today and 31 degrees outside. I stopped at Ace Hdwe to get some mulch and a neighbor is the nursery manager and she sold me a bunch of bushes for 80% off the sales price. I got 16 for $1.21 each in 1 and 2 gallon pots. Like I need more to do~~ But, who could resist...?

I have 42+ roses to transplant from this yard, plus all of the perennials and now, I've added 16 new bushes to the labor ~ Oy' Vey, I need my head examined~!

The great news is that I got 10 of the new bushes in the ground this evening. Sometimes, I'm just an animal with a shovel...

The 16 new bushes I got today from Ace are;

(2) Spirea - Gold Flame
(3) Spirea - B. Anthony Waterer
(2) Spirea - Lil Princess
(3) Dwarf Arctic Willows
(1) Emerald Mound Honeysuckle
(1) European Fly Honeysuckle
(1) Snow White Nectar Bush
(3) Ruby Spice Summer Sweet

Like I needed more to do right now~ Ey, ye, ye... When does a girl stop? When there's 3' of snow on the ground?

Tomorrow, we get to pull out all of the big, beautiful Pella windows from the retro-house... They're coming home with us, for our dining room and garage add-on's that I hope the new construction starts on soon.

(A girl can dream, right?)

And, tomorrow, I'm going to start digging up all of the landscaping and taking it home to replant, if it quits raining and snowing. Don't fret about me. I already called "dibs" on the backhoe. John gets to operate the shovel, for spending the day sitting on the chimney ~ *Wink*...

And, we're WAY ahead of schedule~!

 If it keeps going at this pace, we'll have these 2 houses on the ground and hauled off by the end of next week. That will be 7 days early. And, the city stopped by yesterday and invited us to bid on another salvage and demo, on another house, on the other side of town, for a new parking lot. We might have one more home to do. We'll find out on Monday~!

For now, I'm tired, sore and going to go climb in the hot tub~ 
(Don't ever tell my crew I'm old and tired ~ Sigh~...)

Nite All!


  1. I was getting worried about you since you hadn't posted in a few days. But I can see why now! You have been extremely busy! Very interesting to see what all you have been rescuing. The real fun will began when you get to use all of your treasures in your own house! can't wait to see that!


  2. What a cute and fun salvage demo! I just found your blog today :) And I have to tell you I absolutely LOVE your redo vintage dress form lady!!! Such a beautiful skirt you made for her!! :) It gave me lots of inspiration to do one of mine!!! :) Thank you! Hope you have a great day! xo Holly


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