Monday, August 26, 2013


The chief beauty about time
is that you cannot waste it in advance...

The next year, the next day,
the next hour are lying ready for you ~ 

As perfect, as unspoiled, 
as if you had never wasted, or misapplied
a single moment in all your life.

You can turn over a new leaf...

Every hour if you choose...
~Arnold Bennett~

The old walls in this old, rock house ARE this thick...
Now that I have 'ladder' access to the upstairs, I'm tickled ~ 

How fun are these windows to play with???

I'm currently in the process of "getting to know" the upstairs and I'm excited... Although, there's a lot of cleanup to do and I'm longing for that 'power repair' to get the lights working up there, I'm still having fun.

I can't wait to reveal the antique table and chairs stacked up here ~ they're beautiful, but that will have to come at a later date when I get this level 'cleaned up' and sorted.

For now though... Enjoy the beauty of my old windows, because I am~!

There's never enough "Time" to do all the "Nothing" you want...

~Bill Watterson~


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  1. How beautiful....your whole post! Love those nice deep windows, too. And what a great new profile pic! Sweet hugs!

    1. I was in the mood for a beautiful post today, so thank you for the compliment.
      It's overcast and drizzling rain here on and off. I was in a black & white mood because of the rain ~ lol
      Something about rain sparks romance, so a romantic window well was in order...
      Hope you are having a Wonderful Monday~!

    2. I just worked on a post for tomorrow and I'm mentioning you and adding a link to your blog! I finally finished both of my pillow shams so I'm going to show them off! You inspired me! Thanks girlfriend! Sweet hugs!

  2. Well. I do have ENOUGH Lace to send you.. Its going to take at least 2 boxes to make them fit.. They will be PERFECT for up in that room. I didn't get them shipped yet. Will try to get them to you this week.
    AWESOME windows and I have their coverings..

    Luv your posts..

    1. Good Lord...
      How much lace did you acquire ~ lol...
      No worries on the shipping. I still have a lot of cleaning to do.
      They are fun windows. Crazy how thick the walls are in the old, rock part of the house. Excitement is building~!
      Thank you Pam... (=

  3. Ya know, I've come to realize, in my adventures 'up & down' this ladder that after all these years, my right hip don't work right ~ Sad...
    I'm having a hard time traversing my make-shif-ladder/stairs. I think only a couple trips a day is safe ~ lol
    It's bumming me out, but it also still terrifies me to go up and down that ladder. With my hip 'working wrong' it sure isn't helping my 'lack-of-bravery' either... booh...
    Since my parents didn't name me Grace, I'm being very, very, careful. Probably enough for today... Gosh, I long for real stairs soon...

  4. Its like having a built in window seat. Beautiful pictures!



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