Thursday, July 25, 2013

I have a "Peeping Steve"~!!!

I was in making the bed this morning and heard something strange. 
A jingle, jingle, jingle... ?

I looked around and couldn't see anything...

I went back in later to change and I heard another noise. 
This time 'heavy breathing' ~~ SCARY!  

What the hell?

I  quickly grabbed my housecoat and covered myself, 
only to find this looking in my bedroom window. 

Freaky Huh~!!!

Yes, it made me jump initially...

I got a "Peeping Steve!"

And, his blue dog tags are the "Jingling" I keep hearing...

My little dog "Steve" has discovered he can climb up on top of the hot tub cover 
and "peep" into my bedroom window when he's outside...

I just knew something was watching me~!

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  1. Didn't make me laugh out loud until I realized it was my own pooch.
    Thought I had monsters under the bed for a second... lol ~ kidding ~

  2. Replies
    1. He is kind of evil... Specially when he's 'Peeping'...


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