Friday, June 28, 2013

Vintage, Shell Back, Patio Chairs...

I admit it... I admit it... I admit it...

I am a furniture hoarder~!
(Recovering from this affliction is never going to be an option, ya know?)

I was at the thrift store the day before yesterday looking around, killing some time, hunting for treasure and they set these out...

Who could resist?

They hadn't even marked them yet and I was holding onto them for dear life. I wasn't going to risk someone else taking them home... I asked an attendant how much and he marked them for me. Would you believe he marked them for $6.00 for the set? As soon as the tag was on, I had them load them in my truck... These were mine and I was making a point of letting the other customers know that they were spoken for.

In case you are doubting me and my great, thrifty, shopping talents...


Of course the primer is drying and they're in the process of being redone!

I have to admit though... I done an outdoor furniture count ~ don't laugh at me, I have issues~!

New acquisition - 2 shell back chairs. Plus, I have the 2 vintage ones I just redone in a previous blog post here: Vintage Patio Chair Redo... I have 3 yard swings, a full patio set out front with a couch, 2 chairs and 2 rocking chairs... I still have 2 adirondack chairs in my garage, 2 fold up chairs, 2 more stationary metal frame patio chairs and maybe, a dozen fold up outdoor chairs...

I may have more outdoor furniture than I have dining room chairs ~ ?
Ohhhh... I got issues~!

Lets not do anymore counting of furniture. I just refuse to address my addicition right now...

The good thing is, there's always a place to sit in the yard~!

Yes, there is a vintage shell back, patio furniture redo in the works -
Check back later for the outcome...

Have an awesome day~!


  1. I have 2 red shell chairs and the matching table sitting on my front porch.. lol.. They are up against my blue house for the Americana theme..(going to be spraying them this year a burgandy red cause of the fading). They are the most comfortable chair.. Your gonna love them!!!! I made some chair pads that are american flags on one side and the other side is blue.. Found some HEAVY cotton napkins at the thrift store for 50 cents and sewed them togather ...Cant wait to see what color you do them.. (bright sunshine yellow?)

    1. If your going to group them togather and make a set with the other ones, Spray them the burgandy red color thats in the other ones..White is too hard to keep clean and the dust shows..

    2. You got the table too? Oh' Lucky Girl~!
      But, I am thrilled with 2 chairs for the price ~ definitely...
      I know, white is hard to keep clean. I think I'm going to put them out back and my little ones I just finished, I'll put them by the hottub. Since it's in blazing afternoon sun, I'm going with 'antique white.' It gets so hot they'll burn someone if they're a darker color. Those black wrought iron ones out front burn me weekly...
      They'll be pretty ~ they'll match the red & black ones out front, the vintage ones I finished out back, but they'll be a bit different too... Got ideas rolling - stay tuned!
      (And, send me a pic of yours, so I can see what you done...)


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