Thursday, May 9, 2013

Treasure Hunting Roundup~!

I got derailed in town yesterday when I went to get paint. I just had to stop in to the local thrift store and see if any treasures awaited my treasure hunting skills...

Of course, I ran into everybody I know plus their mothers. The manager even offered to drag a couch from the back, so we could all sit down and visit right proper like... lol

I just can't believe the traffic our local DI (Deseret Industries Thrift Store) gets these days. I often wonder what I miss, but I'm always thankful for what I find too~!

I spent a whopping $10 and I was proud of my new found treasures...

I hit a stockpile of linen, monogramed, table napikins. Now, I've been collecting these for about a year with the intent of making myself a king size, linen, quilt for my big beautiful canopy bed. And then, I intend to layer and layer and layer all my antique crochet cotton bedspreads on it. Yep, so the "man-child" can squeal that "I'm such a girl..."

I was thrilled with my new acquisitions~!

There were 15 linen napkins that cost me $2.50...
Sometimes they mark things so low, I feel guilty buying them~ lol

Then, I ran into this old, vintage, linen textile...
I have no clue what I'm going to do with it?
(Pillows for my vintage porch chairs maybe?)
It just called my name and I snapped it up like a gold piece sitting on a shelf. It was my largest purchase at $4.... I don't think it's ever been used for anything. The colors are so vivid and bright. It's gorgeous~!

Then there was this little treasure...
I found it in one of their glass cases for a whopping $1.50. There's a stamped impression on the bottom that says, "Hand Made in India"... That really made it appealing~ I love stuff from around the world ~!

And, I guess since the vintage blue bathroom remodel has been on my mind, my relationship with 'the law of attraction' keeps bringing the perfect shade of blue into my posession... I picked these cute little plaques up for $0.25 each. They match my bathroom tub and the blue enamelware picture I picked up last week perfectly~ Hard to imagine, but there are still alot of things out there in this shade of blue. Although its taken me months and months of looking to find them...

And finally, I couldn't restrain myself from this floral. It has porcelain type roses in it. It's quite high dollar and you couldn't make your own for anywhere near what I paid for it, a whopping $1.50... It's beautiful and quite large~!

Right now, it's just stuck on my old Shredded Wheat crate table until I can figure out a more perment location...

(My camera HATES my kitchen at night ~ sorry)

I think I done really good for Ten Bucks~!

What treasures did you find this week?


  1. Such pretty finds and so cheap! Great job, Jean

    1. We are so lucky here in Utah...
      We have this chain of thrift stores owned by the Mormon Church called Deseret Industries (DI). It's a place for all of the local citizens to drop off their old clothes, household goods, old furniture and stuff, plus there are truckloads that come down from the city a couple times a week. And their prices are UNBEATABLE...
      And, it makes you feel good to shop there because the Mormon Church is one of the largest charity organizations in the world, so your money goes for good things all over the world...

  2. do have the law of attraction! How do I acquire that? ha. I'm starting to get jealous! Ha. :)

    Is that vase made out of glass or metal? It is beautiful! And a $1.50? (shaking head).


  3. The law of attraction is just what you focus on most... Just imagine yourself as a magnet attracting things you want. Watch "The Secret," it explains it.
    And the vase is metal and quite large. Definitely 'hand made'. I haven't got a clue what I'm going to do with it, but who could resist for the price?


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