Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Front Patio Complete~!

The sun is in an awful spot...
The tools are strewn about...
The camera lens seems to need cleaned Jen ~ jeeze...
But, I'm so thrilled it's finally finished that I just don't care right now~!

And yes Mooch insists upon being in every single shot...
(And yes, he's that BIG!)

I'm so thrilled that it's finally done that I'm going to clean up tomorrow!
~Too windy out there to care tonight...~

The 'men folk' decorated it for me.
You can tell by the location of the patio furniture, but hey -
 they gathered it all up and got it on there.
I can't complain...

You think Mooch thinks its his?
His favorite new spot to lounge outside is right in front of the front door...

It turned out AWESOME~!!!

(So happy it's finally finished...)

One step at a time with this old place ~ Always something being finished and started.


  1. Looks AWESOME!!! Now you need to put the ~Jen~ finish on it ... Graet job. Tell the man child I said so!!!!

    1. Jen was too busy and too tired for the "Jen" finish tonight. I'm just happy it's finished and the furniture is all in one spot... lol
      I have a long ways to go still. I dream about the day the 'add ons' and exterior of this old girl is finished. I dream about the landscaping getting finished (or started - lol)...
      It's just a step at a time...
      Just think ~ I have projects for the next 24 years around here~!

  2. It does look great!


    1. So happy it's done...
      Still a bit to go. He still needs to pour a concrete barrier between the house and the planter box. The good news is that he decided I was big enough and strong enough to help him 'lift' his mixer onto a trailer and it only ended up on its side on the ground once!
      Yes, it was a big wreck, but at that very instant, he seemed to realize (at least it looked like a light went off above his head...) that I am not Paul Bunyon. Actually, I'm barely 5'2" and 115# soaking wet. I know he has high expectations of me, but assuming I can lift 200# is kind of stretching it on a 400# mixer - lol... God love him for thinking so highly of me, but in reality, I'm a WHIMP~ and my ego is a bit bruised and so is the mixer ~ lol

  3. It looks really great...lots of hard work really paid off!! I hope you get to enjoy it this long weekend! :)

    1. Thanks girl...
      What I am the most thrilled about, is that all that patio furniture is finally rounded up and corraled in one spot - lol
      I think I've moved it 25 times since last fall. It finally has a home - thank the heavens...
      I'll be doing yard work all weekend ~ yay (NOT)...
      But, I really want it moving along.
      Hope you have a Great Weekend~!

  4. It looks fantastic! Something from nothing you guys did with your own hands. I just want to hug that Mooch! He looks so lovable.


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