Monday, May 6, 2013

A prayer request please...

If you can't sleep, then get up and do something about it...

So, I'm up doing something about it. I'm requesting prayers. Prayers and good thoughts for my best friends family. They are the reason for my worry although, my worry seems so small and insignificant as theirs must be.

My intention was to lay down, get some sleep, but I cannot rest, or sleep until I know they're going to be ok. I was laying there 'worrying' talking to God and I asked him to please take the worry off of her shoulders for at least a couple of hours, so she could get some rest. I am more than willing and able to carry her worry on my shoulders for awhile. I pray my prayer is being answered and that she is peacefully resting and it's only me up, 'worrying'... If it wasn't working, I wouldn't be up, I figure...

You see, her husband is having a really big heart surgery tomorrow morning. It was pretty unexpected and came about quickly. They had no time to emotionally, or psychologically prepare, if that is even possible. They need prayers and strength and love sent to them to overcome this unexpected obstacle that has just creeped into their lives...

This 'best friend' isn't like the typical best friend. This 'best friend' of mine IS the best friend that if you needed help getting rid of evidence, she would show up with all the proper tools and duct tape, to accomplish the job and probably never ask you what you did. This 'best friend' of mine IS the best friend that if you got arrested together, she would be the one smiling and waving for the mug shot, while I would be the one hiding my face in shame. This 'best friend' of mine IS the best friend that walked through my mid life crisis thing with me and didn't blink an eye, didn't judge, didn't blame me, didn't give up on me and refused to let me lock myself in my house for ever and ever more... This 'best friend' of mine IS the best friend that introduced me to keystone light, because coors light was getting too spendy for me, for our late night phone beer sessions. This 'best friend' is my sister, if not by blood, but emotionally. She is my evil twin, my cohort, the person who knows all my secrets, wishes and dreams. This 'best friend' of mine IS the one person on this rock that knows me better than I know myself. This 'best friend' of mine IS the one person I would trust my life to and picking out a color scheme for a room redo...

She is special~!

I've never met anybody like her my whole life and I just can't imagine life without her, now that I know her...

If God would let me carry all of her worry for her, I would do it gladly, to the end of days. This is my 'BEST FRIEND' and her and her family need lots of prayers right now...

So, I am up doing something about this ~
I'm asking everybody who reads this to please keep Tim S. in their prayers. Please pray that this heart surgery goes well and that he has a speedy recovery. Please pray for the S. family, that the stress and worry they are all feeling right now will pass quickly. Please send good Karma their way...

I believe God is managing these affairs, I also believe that prayers matter, so please, send one up for my 'Best Friend' and her family...

Thank You for all the prayers~!

*** An update~
He made it through the 4 x bypass surgery and is now in recovery. Not out of the woods yet, but certainly breathing a sigh of relief for that portion... ***


  1. Thank you my love.. I napped for just a bit so it is working. I woke up to the birds chirping so its going to be a wondeful day today. Off to the hospital i go.
    Love ~Pam S.~

    1. Glad that part is over...
      Wishing all of you luck on the next round...
      Always in my thoughts & prayers. Keep me posted~!
      (Hope you get some sweet sleep tonight)

  2. I'm so sorry! Tim S, family and you will be in my prayers!


    1. Thanks so much Lindy~!
      He is through the surgery and onto the recovery stage. One step and one breathe at a time...

  3. Just came home to grab a quick shower.

    He is OFF the vent..Last night was tough. All his #s are good. Waiting for the doc to come in to see if they can take the heart pump out today. In good spirits. Still dont know if he really knows how bad it was. Doing good so far.
    Keep praying for a speedy recovery please.
    Luv Pam

    1. Certainly praying for a speedy recovery~!
      Also praying that everything falls into place, as per our phone conversations this morning...
      Be CAREFUL driving back and forth to the hospital...
      Always in my thoughts and prayers -

  4. Glad to hear surgery went fine and in recovery. Hope all goes well in the future!


  5. I have one of those friends, too. And I try to be that for her.


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