Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Lace Laundry Day & Surprises~!


Don't you just love the smell of clothes dried on the clothesline?

The only thing better ~
A load of vintage lace, dried on the clothesline...

Downy Freshair Freshness ~!

Happy Sunday

God never leads us where he cannot keep us~!

<I'm glad he led me here, to this wonderful old farmhouse>

And... What, oh what is this old canvas bag sitting on the back step?

It's full of bolts and nuts ~ I've never seen it before...
I noticed it on my way around the house to the clothesline...
It must be something drug out for a repair?
I'm clueless, but it is wonderful~
The 'man-child' knows all this old homes secrets...

This old farmstead is just full of surprises & treasures
I hope I never stop discovering them...

I have a "Currant" bush by the clothesline~!
One bush has officially been identified now that the leaves are coming on...


Look at that beautiful blue sky~!


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