Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY - Bed Spring Wreath...

I figure the hardest part about making your own rusty bed spring wreath is probably finding the old bed springs...

The cute Bed-Spring wreath I made took 14 - old, rusty springs...

 Materials Needed:

1 - A Man to cut the springs off the old mattress frame...
(Or, some kind of saw, because they are thick wire!)
~I'm all for the feminist movement - woman's power, etc. but come on - I'm pretty weak~

2 - Some kind of wire frame to wire your bed springs to.
(I used a wire the Man-Child cut off an old wire tomato cage he made me a few years ago...)
~You could use a wire frame from the florist if you're not a scrounger like me~

3 - Some rusty 'pliable' wire to wire your springs onto your frame.
(Thick wire will make you swear, I swear...)

4 - Wire cutters of course.

(Maybe, a current tetanus shot?)

6 - A Crazy Imagination~!
(You could make these any shape you want, a circle is good for me)

I found my old bed springs in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, the 'Man-Child' was cutting a tree down at a friends farm and as the tree was falling toward me ~ I noticed a set of crusty, rusty, old bed springs buried in the dirt. I was scared for a split second that the tree would fall on the bed springs. 
It was a nail biter until the tree hit the ground and missed the little treasure I spied...

The 'Man-Child' went from timber cutter, to bed spring junker in like 2 minutes~~~

These old, rusty bed springs are wicked strong.
They're made out of really thick old wire. 

There is no way I could cut one free and even the Man-Child struggled with the fighting tools in the pickup, so we ran home and got the heavy duty artillery  = big wire cutters of multiple sizes and even bolt cutters could be used. In the end, the most practical thing was a Dewalt cordless saw. 
The cordless saw made the bed spring removal a breeze!...

Wearing gloves is a great idea, but I'm slow with the common sense at times and what the hey, I had a new box of Sponge Bob bandaids I needed to test for the next boo-boo, or 13...

I wired the springs to the wire form with one up and one down, so they would line up with ease...

 I done my best to keep the springs even as I wired them around the circle form.
It's not so easy with really thick old springs.

I figured with Spring coming soon, I needed a 'Spring Wreath'~!
(Pun intended, he - he...)

Of course, an old piece of chain came along for the ride...
It's amazing what treasures can be found when you come across an old homestead while cutting down trees.

The 'Man-Child' told me when he gets home this weekend, he'll solder, or weld this old chain into a heart shape for me.

Yes, "Spring Fever" is in the air~!

But, which Spring Fever might that be?

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  1. I love your "spring" wreath. I'm so glad you found a way to get those springs off. I have loads of them that need to be cut away from "mother ship" but never knew how to do that...the wires cutters were no match. Love your heart too. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

    1. A cordless reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade releases those stubborn springs like a hot knife through butter. Who woulda known?
      That's why I have my own "Man-Child" - for the heavy cutting and lifting and things - lol
      They sure knew how to make stuff back then ~ good luck 'Springing' your 'Springs~!'

  2. Replies
    1. It is an easy project, once the Springs are extracted - lol
      (extracting the Springs is an awful project without the proper tools)
      Thanks for stopping by...

  3. Replies
    1. Could there be a better "Spring wreath," than a "Spring Wreath?"
      Have a Wonderful Week~!

  4. I love the wreathe with the nest. So pretty!

  5. Oh, I have been wanting to make a 'spring' wreath as well. Yours turned out so cute! Love the chain also. Great ide to make a heart!! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  6. I ended up twisting the springs Off, unscrewing them, so to speak. I love your wreath


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