Monday, May 6, 2013

Do you remember your last voyage on an "Old Rickety Chair"...

It's overcast today, with a high chance of "rain and more rain." It's cold outside AGAIN... I'm feeling like it's possible this Spring in Utah to get a sunburn and frostbite all on the same date. The weather just won't make up its mind...

I waited for the sprinkles to quit and as I was walking some things out to the old shed this afternoon the sun was peeking through the thick clouds, teasing me with sunbeams in the backyard. It was much too intriguing to not go in the house and grab the camera and see what would become of the moment...

One of the sunshine's spotlights today became "The Old Rickety Chair"...

I found this old girl in an old grainery. She was hanging on a wall. Had she of been on the ground, I don't think she would have lived this long. She was in a protected place. The only protected place in the whole of the old grainery. Before time and mother nature excelled at their plan to turn her to sand, I brought her home.

She's a rickety old thing, wobbly, untrustworthy and frail. It's obvious that she's lived a long, hard life. I wouldn't dare to even wager a guess at her age, but I admire that's she's made it so long.

Her size is a riddle... She's not made for a child, but she's not quite got the stature to safely cradle a larger 'unseen side'... She is a 'small to medium, I call her " Chippy Petite "...

(Yes, I name inanimate objects - don't judge me, we all have quirks... )

She is a beautiful piece of old wood. She has definitely earned her glory. I suspect she has "seen it," before we ever heard "of it"...

Oh the secrets she must keep and the stories she could tell~!

I have her on the back porch right now and as the weather improves (if it does...) I'm thinking I'll hang her back up on the wall by the back door, under the back awning, to keep all of her sweetness protected.

She'll make a darling shelf for a birdhouse, or such ~

I'll try to maintain her for as long as I can, but she will never be trusted to sit on the ground, for the first fool to ever so gently test her, would be risking their neck, or their pride when they unexpectedly hit the ground~! 

You see trust isn't always built into a chair, so don't just sit down because it's a chair.

You get old and you realize there are no answers...
Just stories...



  1. Like this post! I have had an old white chippy chair for so long that I cannot remember not ever having it. :)
    Farmhouse hugs,

    1. This old girl still has some life, but most certainly not as a chair. With her 1261 + 15 prior repairs, I fear repair attempt # 1277 would end her... lol
      Still so charming though ~ certainly worth saving... She will most definitely have a 'repurposed' life here, amongst the other creatures her age... She is quite a treasure, to add to the treasures~!

  2. Love your old chair! She looks so good against the turquoise.


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