Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Blackberry Cobbler Recipe ~ With a funny story...!

Seize the moment... 
Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart ???

~ Read to the bottom, the funny ice cream story is a classic~!

"Homemade Blackberry Cobbler"

1 C. Flour
2 tsp. Baking Powder
1/2 tsp. Salt
1 C. Sugar
1 C. Milk
1/2 C. Butter (Melted)
2 1/2 C. Fresh Blackberries


***Preheat oven to 375***

1. Mix the blackberries with 1/2 C. of sugar and let rest for 15 + Minutes

 2. Mix the flour, baking powder, salt, milk, the remaining 1/2 C. sugar and melted butter.

3. Spread the batter into the bottom of an 8" pan, or a medium casserole dish.

4. Spoon the blackberries over the top of the batter.

4. Bake for 50 min., or until batter is golden.

Serve warm with vanilla ice cream, or whipped cream~!

Funny story why I have no

vanilla ice cream at the moment...

It's not because I'm incapable, but because I didn't get my ice cream maker's tub into the deepfreeze because there was a "an incident"... <of course>

I brought the ice cream maker in last Thursday with the intent of making some homemade vanilla ice cream, just to use up my Bountiful Basket blackberry's to make a cobbler. But, when I was tending Ms. Boohoo (my granddaughter Saige) last week while my daughter had her baby, Saige became quite attached to the ice cream maker...

She fiddled with it, she played with it, she took it apart and put it back together over and over and over again. She messed with my little sweet ice cream makin' machine all day...

Then, it was 'tubby time,' so she could go with her daddy to see her new baby sister. While I was running the bathwater, she told me she wanted toys and that she needed to 'pee, pee'...

I told her to run get her toys first and she skadoodled her streaking little white butt into the living room to grab the ones she wanted to tubby with. She was gone for quite a moment and I hollered at her, "that her tubby was ready."

She came running in with her arms full of baby dolls, blocks, a plastic lizzard and a red measuring cup and dropped them in the water. I told her to go over to the potty and I would help her 'pee, pee'...
She said she already 'pee pee'd'... ?

I walked into the other room, looked around - couldn't see any puddle, so I asked again, "Saige do you need to 'pee pee' before you get in the tubby?"
And, she said, "No"...
~I figured she was just confused~

After her tubby, I walked in to get her clothes out of her bag on the kitchen table and noticed there was something yellow in the bottom of my ice cream maker ~
Oh' yay... 'Pee Pee'~!

What is a Grandma to do at this point?

I asked her "Saige, did you 'pee pee' in Grandma's ice cream maker?"...
She came running over bare butted, climbed up on the bench seat and said, "Gramma, I 'pee pee'd'" and she pointed in the ice cream makers tub with a big smile on her face...

Of course, I clapped my hands and said "Yay ~ Good Girl~!"
<What else would you have me do? She's Two....>

I washed and sanitized the ice cream maker and put it up, where the two year olds could no longer 'fiddle with it', or 'piddle in it'. And, in retrospect, I can kind of understand why she 'pee pee'd' in my ice cream maker...

Just look at it...

It's the Perfect 'Pee Pee' Machine~!

(I can see how little ones get confused...)

I know that forever we are going to call this the "Piddle Maker"...

I'm going to be laughing anytime I have company
and they're eating my homemade ice cream~!

I doubt whether the world holds for anyone a more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice cream.

~Heywood Broun~


  1. Oh Jen am I ever laughing. Pee Pee machine for sure! I'm thinking you need to make some snow ice cream. Just remember not to use yellow snow. lol! I made Blackberry Cobbler only once and loved it. Why haven't I made it again? I'll be pinning and trying your recipe. You should link this to my link party, Share Your Cup. Goes live at 4 today. Have you linked to parties before?

  2. Thanks for the invite to link to you Jann - I did it, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to copy your button to make the link. There's no code underneath it, or is there another way I don't know about?

  3. I laughed out loud! She was so proud of herself, what could you say?

  4. Forgot to say, your recipe sounds good. Kind of sounds like a recipe my Mom made called Mrs. Dye's Cherry Pudding. Only it used a can of sour cherries( NOT cherry pie filling) and we always had it with vanilla ice cream.


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